#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 11

Content warning for…discussion of nasty things. If you got to this point or know that School Days is an adult VN…you probably know what those things are.

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  • Can we not with the butt shots…? (You think since I’ve watched so much anime I would be used to it, but no…I still have mild frustration over such things.)
  • “…she might not have…”
  • Did Makoto ever have a sister…? Update: The wiki says he does have a little sister, but their parents are divorced (which is why Makoto lives alone and can get with all these girls).
  • The camera is just focussing on Squid Rings’s boobs instead of her face…geesh, Makoto, how lewd do you get???
  • Oh goodness…although I don’t even like sex scenes in media full stop, even I know what this sickness implies…*pulls out the Pregnancy Test hand meme* Get ready to use another meme, folks! Update: …and this time, I’m too lazy to edit the image. I’m not even going to edit a Gari-Gari-kun Winning Stick (which is a clean variant of the pregnancy test meme) because this “Sekai is pregnant because Makoto didn’t know how to use protection!” is being played for drama here.
  • *Makoto denies Sekai has his child* – Geesh, bastard. (By that, I mean Makoto, not Sekai.)
  • “…connections at Sakakino Hills…” – Geesh, Katsura, you’re really loaded! Update: Is that a lie from her insanity, though…?
  • “Please leave your name and message…” Update: I noticed the subbers copy-pasted this line, because the same typo appears every time they need that line specifically.
  • Minna no Makoto” – This can mean “the truth about everyone” or “Everyone’s Makoto”. Update: …and I literally mean everyone! The only members of Makoto’s peers that don’t have sex with him this episode, assuming they didn’t do it in the past few episodes, are Katsura (who’s mad about it) and Nanami (who has a boyfriend). Also note it specifically singles out the guy because it uses the kanji for Makoto and not the other option (真), even though the two characters have the same meaning. It could also mean “everyone’s sincerity”, which is also quite a bit of a lie if you ask me.

I’m still waiting for the yandere end…it was implied here Katsura snapped out of being a yandere, but there must be a nice boat for a reason…

School Days can be watched on Crunchyroll.

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  1. “…because this “Sekai is pregnant because Makoto didn’t know how to use protection!” is being played for drama here.” Yes and no. This is actually something done for this adaptation, and it is a really brilliant move for reasons that should be obvious come next episode. Yes, because it does aid the drama, but I think it goes further than that.

    As to Kotonoha being really rich, yeah she is, that’s canon.


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