Fate/Stay Winter: All the Pretty Screenshots


It’s getting time-consuming to write a synopsis for each episode, considering I fell behind pretty quickly (it is premiere season, after all), so I guess it’s one big synopsis this time.

Fate/Zero eps. 13 – 16: Essentially, all the Servants (bar Assassin) square off against Caster’s huge monster and Saber and Lancer finally get their duel in the last of the 4 episodes. Things start to finally look like a battle royale, too.


  • (start of episode 13) – This is the end of the 1st cour, apparently…according to AniList, at least.
  • “…5 billion people.” – I think the number is 7 billion now, but okay.
  • Never leave your Servant unsupervised, amirite?
  • I saw one of the bookstore’s shelves has science fiction on it…hmm, in a show with magic, that seems ironic…or was that non-fiction? Also somewhat ironic.
  • Oh, this “Don’t you want to do anything fun?” from Rider to Waver is an interesting parallel to Kirei’s episode (the previous one).
  • Dragon guy’s off his rocker…seriously.
  • Paraphrasing here, but “…if you want to use the Grail to make yourself taller…” – then stick to milk and other calcium products, Waver…LOL. I mean, other anime characters do.
  • Even Saber Naruto runs! There are no aliens here…but that car does have gull-wing doors (<-had to google what the doors were called), so…is it a DeLorean or something? Then someone could time travel instead.
  •  I thought one of the previous commands from the overseers was to defeat Caster…?
  • Fate/Zero has become a kaiju movie, LOL.
  • Scared Waver is also a 2020 Mood…LOL.
  • What’s this “Giant of Light” business…?
  • Geesh…If Ufotable did a Godzilla movie, I would watch that…(now that this monster makes me think of that possibility.)
  • This is a small quibble, but is it “Diabolo” or “Diablo”?
  • Somehow it didn’t even hit me until the fight was halfway over…but does Gilgamesh control a flying airship as part of his Noble Phantasm?!
  • Pretty scenery or not, talking people standing still are just that…not very entertaining, for sure. It’s basically the only flaw of this series, aside from the fact it hasn’t plumbed the depths of its themes yet.
  • Ufotable’s clouds look kind of like Gainax’s in Houkago no Pleiades, huh?
  • Tokiomi seems to blame Kariya for the whole sister vs. sister thing. Hmm, it really just shows how demented the guy is.
  • Berserker is only ever in CGI, huh? No wonder Ufotable was given the job.
  • “That’s…from King Arthur’s legend…” – Can I please interrupt with the Excalibur song? (I’m annoying like that and want to ruin your level of immersion, that’s why.)
  • Hey, who knew? We get to see Joan in this anime, too. Thank you, Ufotable and Type Moon, for saving me a Netflix subscription.
  • “Things have been rather hectic this evening.” – Well, you don’t say…
  • *Saber and Lancer start their fight * – I detect signs there may have been people shipping Saber and Lancer at this point in time, what with their mutual ideas of honour and such.
  • Kayneth is kind childish, LOL – he’s like a kid peeping at his parents while they complain to each other about a hard day’s work or something.
  • Uh, this curse from Lancer here is definitely gonna be relevant later, right…?
  • I was muttering, “Oh goodness” (<- I’m self-censoring here, but you get the point) a few times over when Kiritsugu and Maiya finally got around to killing Kayneth, Lancer and Kayneth’s fiancee. By the way, were those two ever married…? Also, this makes me wonder…what would happen if you got a completely useless Servant? Like “King of Fools” or something. It would sound like the Familiar of Zero, sure, but it would be an interesting exercise in making a compelling narrative. Update: Guy Fawkes, maybe? That’s the only guy I could think of that would fit the bill for such a role.

Screenshot Corner

I was complimenting the visuals anyway and the service I’m using allows me to get rid of the controls temporarily, so I figured why not? I may not be Irina when it comes to screenshots, but I have an eye for shot composition if the Demon Slayer collab is any indication…

(Image source: Ep. 14)
(Also from episode 14.)
(From when Saber starts to activate her Noble Phantasm in episode 15.)
(Image source: Ep. 16)

Come to think of it, Fate/ is one of those series that doesn’t really ground itself in technology, so it doesn’t seem that dated. Then again, it has its own technology system in a sense, what with all the magical stuff…

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  1. Fate/Zero is so dang pretty. apparently UFOtable ended up getting in trouble for tax evasion (oops lol), so when me and my boyfriend watched this series together, we’d always joke and say “ooo this is what tax evasion money gets you!” whenever there was a gorgeous scene like the ones above, hahaha.

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