Winter 2020 First Impressions: It’s Not Even Spring Yet…

...and I'm already lining up anime for spring 2020. This order is subject to change since a lot of the anime was "wait and see what reviews are like" content if it wasn't already on the pre-season list, so the provisional list as of this post (for all the new shows) is: ID: Invaded Somali... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: All the Pretty Screenshots, Pt. 2

Synopsis Fate/Zero eps. 17 - 20: Things go to hell. We see the background of Kiritsugu, see Kirei finally start to live a little...and Rider starts his attack on Saber. Impressions Number of Times Waver Appears: 1  Dangit, B*stard Archer. Disappearing just after you provoked Kirei… Oh! I found the Avalon scene confusing at first,... Continue Reading →

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