Fate/Stay Winter: All the Pretty Screenshots, Pt. 2


Fate/Zero eps. 17 – 20: Things go to hell. We see the background of Kiritsugu, see Kirei finally start to live a little…and Rider starts his attack on Saber.


  • Number of Times Waver Appears: 1
  •  Dangit, B*stard Archer. Disappearing just after you provoked Kirei…
  • Oh! I found the Avalon scene confusing at first, but now that they explain it, it makes a lot more sense.
  • “As I live and breathe, Kirei!” – Sounds mighty ironic for a meant-to-be-dead historical figure to say that.
  • We jump to someone else’s story…or do we?
  • For some reason, I think this beach place is based on Okinawa. (It seems like the best match.)
  • “This isn’t a game.” – Seems highly ironic, given his current situation.
  • I know Kiritsugu is probably looking into Shirley’s eyes, but all they show is the boobs downwards, so I imagine it to be fanservice.
  • That shaking was just to disguise the bad animation, wasn’t it…?
  • …and suddenly, zombies!
  • Well, that’s great, Kiritsugu. You ended up burning down a village by association. Good job
  • “Vampires.” – Well, that wasn’t the word I was expecting…
  • For some reason, I think this new arrival is a woman, but now that I get a proper look at their face, they kinda look like the Great B*stard (Gilgamesh). Update: It looks like they have cleavage, but then they also kinda resemble Samatoki (Hyp Mic)…so, uh…I dunno. Update 2: Okay, she’s a woman…Natalia, to be precise.
  • The houses on fire look a lot like the ones in Katsugeki, come to think of it.
  • Wait, what’s a Mystic Code again…?
  • Oh, I didn’t think this show would do it, but there’s a good few seconds of recap. I know, because I had to skip it.
  • Oh, the reason Kiritsugu doesn’t seem to ally with the Association or the Church is because Natalia wasn’t part of either. Right…I’m so dumb.
  • Am I just reading into Kiritsugu’s pose here too much, or does he look like Christ the Redeemer a bit…?
  • There’s something oddly pretty about Vorzak. Then again…it’s too bad he’s designated to be dead.
  • I could tell Kiritsugu was CGI for a second…but he was in fog. Dangit, Ufotable. You know how to disguise your CGI well.
  • …Okay, those bees were very CGI. Scrap what I just said.
  • Bees on a plane. What a way to die.
  • I’ve noticed Kiritsugu’s eyes don’t have any pupils in them. They’re always kind of dead, but not in the same way En’s (<- from Boueibu) are.
  • What happened to Kiritsugu’s mother…?
  • The extended flashback seems to be the best way to my heart, assuming you can pull it off properly.
  • What’s with that “sometime, somewhere”?
  • (ep. 20 begins) – There hasn’t been a proper OP since 3 episodes ago.
  • Was Maiya ever interested in Kiritsugu as a woman? This vague pseudo-harem sorta annoys me, which is why I need answers.
  • The crows in this show aren’t very fluffy. Not that I have a problem with that…it’s just a bit random (and I’m typing that as I operate without much sleep, so you’re probably going to see even more randomness coming from my brain). Update for those who might not have figured it out: I was trying to stay 2 steps ahead, but other priorities, including the new seasonals, have caused me to fall behind earlier than I thought I would.
  • Modanyaki. Never thought I’d be googling a Japanese concept for this anime.
  • This sleeping bag Waver reminds me of Aizawa, but this is at least 4 years too early for that.
  • I believe the bird is a bush warbler (uguisu), based on the colour.
  • So this is where you learn what the f*** a Gordius Wheel is…right.(sounds a bit pissed)
  • Seeing Kariya squirm…it makes me thank my lucky stars I had the sound off. My imagination makes the scene worse, though.
  • So fakers beget fakers and killers beget killers, huh? Not surprising.
  • “I’ve always told him he was doing the right thing.” – Because you didn’t know any better, huh, Iri?

Screenshot Corner

(From ep. 17.)
(From ep. 17. This moon resembles Demon Slayer‘s a lot, which is why I took this screenshot.)
(From ep. 17.)
(From ep. 18.)
(From ep. 18.)
(From ep. 18.)
(From ep. 18.)
(From ep. 19. This reminds me of No Guns Life or Kekkai Sensen.)


(From ep. 19.)
(From ep. 19.)
(From ep. 19.)
(From ep. 19.)
(From ep. 19.)
(From ep. 19.)
(From ep. 20. That cloud in the top left is shaped funny…like a knight, maybe? (There’s a triangular bit that looks lik a helmet.))
(From ep. 20.)



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