Fate/Stay Winter: All Fall Down

You might not recognise it, but the title refers to this song (song starts at about 1:06).


Fate/Zero 21 – 24: One by one, they begin to fall…Berserker is revealed to have a proper face and Kiritsugu uses his Command Seals to tell Saber to destroy the Grail.


Warning for a whole bunch of unexpected (but self-censored) cussing. Lancelot gives me lots of Feelings, okay???

  • “Knight on Two Wheels” – What would that knight be riding, a bike…? (somewhat sarcastic)
  • …A motorbike. Close enough. (not sarcastic anymore)
  • The motorbike’s plate says “Fuyuki – Te” – instead of a licence plate combo, Japan has a single hiragana.
  • Well, at least now I know why you never hear of Kariya outside Fate/Zero much…those worms don’t give him long to live.
  • Isn’t Tokiomi dead though…?
  • Holy s***, Kariya, you just got framed! *yells in the tone of voice as if Kariya got owned…which he did, in a sense*
  • *brow furrowed* What’s up with the framing of Aoi’s killing that makes this seem like attempted rape…?
  • Kirei looks all dead inside. (LOL) I know it’s the animators’ fault that they didn’t bother with him in that scene, but…he has the eyes of a dead fish there, y’know? I can’t help but laugh.
  • Never in my life have I seen a grandpa want to talk on the roof.
  • The grandpa reminds me of Rider…that’s probably where part of their (Waver and Rider’s) relationship comes from.
  • You can see the lack of sleep is getting to Kiritsugu right now…his face looks a little sunken…
  • Fate/ is apparently pretty infamous for treating its women badly from a feminist persepctive and I think I get why now…(referring to the death of Aoi and now Kirei’s treatment of Iri)
  •  I think the scariest part of F/Z is watching the emotionless guy learn how to feel…kinda like Equilibrium, y’know?
  • Hmm? I wonder how this show will choose to end, since it’s signalling its end from 3 episodes out?
  • I predicted Rider would say something along the lines of “…befitting of the Rider class” and lo and behold! He did!
  • So Rider can summon a single horse as well as the entire chariot? *Saitama face* Okay then.
  • Number of Times Waver Appears: 1, Number of Times Waver Cries: 1, Number of Times Waver Blushes: 2
  • Come to think of it, even though I had that weird “Ohhhhhh! Great B*stard Archer!” reaction at first, Gilgamesh has shown up in most of the worst scenes of this show so far (basically, most of the “talking heads” scenes where he talks shop with Kirei). Then again, my change in feelings probably because I’ve had to keep a special eye out for Waver and knew Saber was the poster girl for the entire series.
  • The counter appears to be “time until the Holy Grail War”…well, that or its final conflict.
  • I like how Waver’s joining in with Rider’s yelling.
  • I have the sound off, so now I’m just mentally narrating Sakura with this creepy child voice and it’s spooking me out…the Urobutcher could really go toe-to-toe with Stephen King if it weren’t my imagination…(LOL…?)
  • I feel sorry for that car’s owner…the car wasn’t meant to be wrecked…
  • I fully expect Berserker to be Lancelot or some other guy in King Arthur’s canon, judging by Saber’s reactio-hey, who’s Arondight…? Update: Oh, f***. It really is Lancelot. Turns out Arondight is the name of Lancelot’s sword. How did I know? There’s that upcoming Camelot adaption, isn’t there? Connect the dots.
  • Oh, f*** me – I feel conflicted. On the one hand, Lancelot’s hella handsome (and his dark hair is exactly my kinda thing), on the other hand…doesn’t he look like he came out of Castlevania or Vampire Hunter D or something??? F***in’ vampires!
  • Oh, f*** again, I stand corrected. Lancelot was handsome, before he became a Caster-looking…thing.
  • *bursts into spontaneous laughter* The new Lancelot looks kinda like Tsukasa from Dr Stone, LOL.
  • Number of Times Waver Cries: 2
  • Wait, isn’t Bucephalus Greek??? Update: No, he wasn’t. He was Alexander the Great’s horse. That explains why Rider is “Rider”.
  • I was wondering how Waver managed to live long enough to be El-Melloi II when he was stuck in a battle to the death. Welp, that’s how he did it, folks! *points at screen*
  • Number of Times Waver Cries: 3…but…anti-climax, much, f***in’ Gilgamesh???
  • Uh, what’s up with Psalm 23:4? (I had to google that snippet of the Bible to find out its citation.)
  • LOL, Kirei and Kiritsugu have very similar faces. Didn’t realise that until now.
  • It’s weird seeing Kirei full of fighting spirit…He’s still frickin’ Wolverine, though.
  • Is this taking cues from The Matrix? I bought it from the charity store the other day because I haven’t seen it yet, but I know Bullet Time from TV Tropes.
  • Now Kirei is channeling Bruce Lee, LOL.
  • Ouch…the bullet to the hand reminds me of the nail gun scene in The Island (which still freaks me out to this day). (…and now I’ve gone and done it – every time I think of that movie, I get the song The Island – part 1, at least – in my head as well.)
  • I can almost see Sakaido (from ID: Invaded) in some of these scenes instead of Kiritsugu…trust Ei Aoki and associates to do that.
  • I went to dump a screenshot in Paint and one of my Fate/ backgrounds from one of the previous posts was set to my background! (I have my backgrounds set to rotate every 12 hours and I have over 600 pictures for that purpose.) *sighs happily and incredulously* Well, whaddaya know…sometimes the stars do align.
  •  I almost expected Shirley to appear, but it turns out it was Iri instead.
  • Kiritsugu still has his Command Seals so he’s still connected to the Grail War somehow…hmm…
  • C’mon, I predicted Gilgamesh would compliment Saber when she was down and bleeding.

What Have I Learnt? (end of series reflection pt. 1)

  • You can rip off anything if you do it well…I guess with Ufotable, anything can count as being done “well”…except if it’s tax evasion.
  • My ability to make connections is probably much better than I have any right for it to be – I somehow managed to figure out most of the vast web of relationships to a high degree of accuracy in the first post (although I did have to google to fact-check a few things).
  • Even strong contenders are weak in the face of the overarching plot. (See: Rider’s defeat)
  • I still have no idea what’s up with my initial reactions towards Gilgamesh…(see above for what I think of him now)
  • I thought I’d have enough random post ideas to last me the entire show, but…there’s only so much you can do when you’re writing these posts up on the fly. I was intending to stay 2 posts ahead, but I’m behind on winter 2020’s premieres as well. I could cut these posts down to just impressions like I did with School Days, but then there really wouldn’t be much point in keeping Courage, a Word of Justice (which is still being kept alive by such content, but only for simulcasts), so I’ll have to think of something to work with when in a pinch for UBW
  • I thought I’d have a husbando, but honestly, unless I can take past!Lancelot, the closest I got was Lancer (and even then, he’s not a huge focus of this series so it’s hard to make content for him *shrugs*). Oh well, I guess I’ll save my intended character spotlight for when I watch the spinoffs…




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