#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 12

If it seems like I’m not on the ball and more reactionary than usual, it’s because I finally snagged the one figure I wanted after years of waiting…

…and yeah, since this is tackling that infamous ending, suffice to say both spoilers and discussion of nasty stuff will go on below the cut. You have been warned.

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  • Makoto is the king of denial at this point…
  • Katsura seems oddly unfazed by all this.
  • “…won’t waver anymore.”
  • Good reputation? Not that this mess has happened, no.
  • This is such a Shadow Girls thing to do, School Days…with the play.
  • The word is “hospital”, not necessarily “clinic”…hence Sekai’s reaction.
  • Hot lemonade, I presume?
  • I was watching this with the sound off (didn’t even realise until I realised nothing really happened and it got a bit boring) so was there music playing over those seconds of nothing?
  • Oh yeah, it’s Christmas-time in the show, isn’t it? That’s why the food is so festive. (It also gives a romantic connotations to the meet-ups Makoto is having.)
  • Waitttttttt! My sources said Katsura was the yandere! How did Sekai become it???
  • Well, #TeamMakotoGetsStabbed…you got your wish…
  • Makoto’s body is in the bag…? Oh, oh no, Sekai, don’t! Update: The bag is far too small for his entire body, so either his corpse was in bits in the bag or only his head was, as w can assume from the next scene.
  • Welp, no one thought Sekai would get stabbed too, huh?
  • …and so we end with the nicest of boats. (Not that it’s actually the one from the meme, but close enough.)
  • Aw, gross! She’s (Kotonoha’s) hugging his (Makoto’s) head!
  • There’s nothing on the phone scree this time. No girls, no nothing. “Still I Love You” is the name of this ED – the subtitle means something like “Looking for Happiness”. (Update: Well, it comes out funny because it’s Mitsumeru Yori wa Shiawase – yori means “from”, mitsumeru means “looking/finding” and shiawase means “happiness”, so I can only force it to make sense.)
  • Gosh, that is f***ed up…no wonder the ending is infamous.

Seriously, that was one wild ride…

You can watch School Days at Crunchyroll.


4 thoughts on “#AniTwitWatches Round 3: School Days 12

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  1. The silence bit, where Sekai and Makoto are on the couch? That was intentional. Anyway, the surprise of Sekai was doing the deed first was fun, huh? :p

    I hope you had fun and thank you so much for joining the watch 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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