Fate/Stay Winter: Falling Behind

Lemme explain…

I knew Fate/Stay Winter was going to really punish me and I did want to do it for the challenge, but it’s all falling apart at the moment. See, there’s this one thing I’ve been sent on so that I can deal with my less-than-fortunate state (I think I’ll spare you the details, because I get too emotional writing about it in less ambiguous terms than this) and that requires waking up at 6:10 am to get to the location an hour and a half later, plus the same trip back in the afternoon (also note that when I do get a rare opprtunity to sleep in for an extra half hour, I wake at 6:10 without realising and can’t go back to sleep). Then, in order to keep up appearances as an attempt to get out of said state, I’ve been staying up until 1 am to get all the stuff I want done…and that’s including not touching winter premieres.

This is clearly not sustainable, because Fate/Stay Winter already keeps me up late, not to mention UBW gave me an absolute curveball in the form of a double-length first episode and I was already frustrated so I had to call off my schedule when I got partway through the prologue of UBWas much as I hate cancelling on things I say I’d do. So for today’s lot I’ll finish a very minimal thing for Fate/Zero (because I did finish that before my dad started snapping at me because I stayed up late again) and will catch up on UBW 0 – 2 over the weekend…or Monday (which would mean UBW 0 – 6 on the one day) at most. I get stressed easily so you can tell why I’m only starting to crumble 4 days into the thing (well, it’s already the 5th day as I type this).

As for winter premieres, I only need Uchitama to make the next post so that should be out soon – if I can ever smooth out the wrinkles in Fate/Stay Winter so that random delays don’t happen again (see, I told you I watch at the speed of a geriatric snail – 3 months wasn’t even enough for the first 8 eps!). The post after that on will be postponed until I’ve completed it (which might not be until Jan. 27th or Feb. 7th, depending on what happens). This will also mean a huge seasonal catchup is in order around that time, so I might make a post about that, plus I want to write a post about School Days while it’s fresh in my mind, but I don’t really know how to go about it with everything else going on…

Anyways, enough ranting. You’re not here for that.


  • Who’s Lord Justeaze?
  • Sakura has the same eyes as Kiritsugu. Dead, lifeless eyes.
  • Did Kariya just throw himself to the worms???
  • The Great Naked B*stard Gilgamesh.
  • A priest is a zombie, huh? How ironic.
  • Isn’t Gilgamesh annoyed by his lack of clothes…? Update: Never mind. He gets a cloth soon enough.
  • Wait, if Saber destroyed the Grail, who won…?
  • Huh? The timer ran out. Update: Come to think of it, the timer didn’t do anything but reset the world, did it…?
  • Aw, even Waver’s growing up.
  • One of the books says 零戦 (reisen) which apparently means “Zero Fighter [Plane]”. One of the sets of books says “William Shakespeare”, who I know is a Servant somewhere in the Fateverse.
  • The Bible verse is Job 19:25.
  • Lancelot’s head doesn’t disappear when the rest of him fades away…It’s pretty poignant.
  • Jubstacheit is the head of the Einzberns. (I had to check his name up.)
  • “Becoming a hero has an expiration date.” – As much as I know that in my creative heart to not be true, my adult heart says yes, it’s true. Update: I think the explanation above, as vague as it is, just feeds into that sentiment even more.
  • Welp, that’s the end of one series. Time for another.

Screenshot Corner

All pics from Fate/Zero ep. 25. (I only just realised when uploading them, but they’re all scenery…LOL(?))


5 thoughts on “Fate/Stay Winter: Falling Behind

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  1. I’ve been enjoying your columns a lot but I totally understand needing to take a break. Fate is a very long and confusing series and even just Fate/Zero has a ton of stuff to unpack. Take as much time as you need 🙂

    So what did you think of this series overall? Personally it’s one of my favorite fantasy anime, although I think I like Unlimited Blade Works slightly better (because it has Rin and I’m a sucker for any tsundere characters lol).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I did call this Fate/Stay Winter which is why I can’t really delay the posts more than that. I do have the day off from all the stressful stuff on Monday, too.

      Yeah, in my hurry to explain why this post I forgot to summarise my thought on the series so far. The action scenes are great and some of the camerawork is striking, but sometimes it falls into the trap of “just two people talking” to presumably save budget. The morality messages from Kiritsugu and some Servants are interesting, but the ones on war and power are fairly obvious. 2nd half was better than the 1st because I like seeing how authors explain how characters tick (especially long flashbacks – SGRS, one of my all time favourite anime, is mostly a series consisting of flashback).

      Liked by 1 person

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