The Future of Fate/Stay Winter (Update Post)

I said the Fate/Stay Winter schedule was unsustainable…and it really is.

Okay, I need some brutal honesty again. I mentioned in this post I’m job hunting – the agency didn’t give me much choice, because I only volunteer 15 hours a week and the requirement for the volunteering option is about 10 higher than that…and there is such a thing as doing too much when volunteering was a last-ditch measure in the first place.

I had an interview today but was so wound up for the entire day – even though it was only meant to be 2 minutes of video – that I screwed up question 1, which had knock-on effects for question 2 and I know I can’t salvage it at this point, even though I managed to get into the recruiters’ good books by other means…namely, the thing mentioned here is a job search program which gave me access to the recruiters. The problem is, the reason why I think those 2 minutes sucked was my stress causing me to basically self-combust and dig my heels in at the wrong times, causing problems for those around me.

There is another position that closes Sunday which I need to work on, too, since I also met recruiters for it. That and the many thank you emails I’ve sent to recruiters are the reason why I’m up so late – it takes an hour or two for a 4 sentence email because I overanalyse it.

I don’t have anything prepared for this post, so…I guess this post is just to say Fate/Stay Winter is postponed until next week (the next Fate/Stay Winter day after the program ends). Everything else should be normal since I wrote a few Wednesday posts in advance. Hopefully after this postponing, I’ll be over this hump and I’ll get some proper sleep.

Outside this debacle, I hope to watch a romantic movie for Chibi Tamago (all romance is worth double points in February). Don’t know if and when that’ll happen though.



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    1. Thanks. I really don’t like to talk about these things in plain words with people that don’t know me personally, hence my rather roundabout/vague way of speaking, but hopefully I get out of this situation sooner rather than later.

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