Fate/Stay Winter: Halved Again

Yup…sorry, this is what happens when I make a sincere effort to get out of the situation that caused me to postpone this project in the first place.


So I’m out of the program and for the next month or so, I’ll be under the pump because I have to wrestle with the consequences – namely, submitting for jobs and all that nasty jazz. I even kicked simulcasts aside for this program’s sake and once I caught up on Eizouken, I got pretty caught up in listening to the OP on Spotify (linked below), which is part of why I split this post in half and have to catch up over the weekend again.

Stuff could very easily go awry again due to the coronavirus, but it opened up an extra two-week reprieve from my usual commitments. I intend to use it to its full potential, regardless of how the next few weeks go.


F/SN UBW eps. 8 – 9: The war heats up as Archer confronts Shiro and Shinji has to face the consequences of being a cheap version of Gilgamesh by running off with his tail between his legs.


  • Ahh! Kojiro Sasaki’s so hot! I love him!
  • The only person who can beat Saber is another swordsperson, huh? Logic checks out.
  • That blue ring looks like the one at the start of Shinchou Yuusha’s OP.
  • I thought Shinji was gonna barf, but that was actually laughing…that’s what happens when you don’t have the volume on.
  • This replacement Gilgamesh (Shinji) sucks…
  • Just squinting at Caster’s chest…boobs do not work that way, people. Fabric goes over things like that, it doesn’t tuck itself so neatly around them.
  • I think Rin’s a real idiot for ignoring that Shinji is a Master and a mage…
  • I almost thought Shiro was gonna kiss Sakura for a second there. Apparently you should approach an unconscious person from behind and tap them on the shoulder (as opposed to going from the front to listen for breath), in case they try to punch your lights out.
  • Watching Eizouken, which doesn’t have girly runs for the girls, and then watching this makes you aware even Rin is capable of girly running…(LOL?) Update: Well, truth be told on the day I typed these up I watched Eizouken, then Iruma-kun, then Fate/. So it’s not quite right to say what I did.
  • Gee whiz, I was so sure this purple lady with the whip was Medea and a Caster-class Servant. So she’s a Rider??? Update: So it was Caster, masquerading as Rider…is that how it goes…?
  • So is this a locked-room – or locked-school – mystery…?

Character Spotlight

Just a few brief notes:

  • Saber: You really can’t get any better than a Saber vs. Lancelot fight, huh? So how could Fate/ make Saber better? Well, she’s pretty cool as she is and fairly flawed as we saw in F/Z – she knows what’s wrong with her philosophy, but pursues it anyway – but you know what could make Saber better, now that I’m typing these notes on the fly? A Saber vs. Merlin fight (please, no spoilers as to whether that happens in another incarnation, folks!).
  • Sakura Matou: I read on the wiki that this is Rin’s route and it shows, to the point where you ignore Sakura quite a bit even though Sakura lives with Emiya at one point. It’ll be interesting if she turns out to be a Master that wreaks havoc on the place…
  • Kojiro Sasaki: He’s basically Taishakuten from Rendai Utena, but without the weird guilt that you get from liking bishonen-ified Buddhas (plus associates, in the case of Taishakuten himself). (Not to mention Sasaki came first.) What do I know about the actual Sasaki though? Not much off the top of my head, but in comparison to other figures of his time and nation like Nobunaga or the Shinsengumi, he is treated as a rather second-rate dude, so I don’t expect to see him last very long (as sad or infuriating as that might become later). I wonder if Musashi, his rival, will appear? (Note to self and those less familiar with the guy: probably consult his Wikipedia page. It might come in handy later.)


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