Fate/Stay Winter: More Questions Than Answers


F/SN UBW 10 – 15: More of the mystery behind Archer unfolds as Rin and Shiro get closer to each other.

Is Shiro some alternate universe Archer or vice versa? Well, only the people who’ve finished this anime would know…and I’m not one of them.

(Not at this stage of the project, anyway.)


  • This is basically “You wanna go?” from Saber.
  • Considering the coronavirus, these words (about people getting out of the attack completely healthy) seem sort of weird…
  •  Samosan? Seppa seppa? What dialect is this???
  • *Emiya asks Issei to strip* – Ooh…this is why Fate/ is popular with women…*thinks of the fact this was a male-oriented VN first* Maybe.
  • I still think the Great B*stard kinda looks like Kyo from Fruits Basket (…not that I ever mentioned it earlier).
  • I just realised Taiga’s shirt is striped orange/black…like a tiger.
  • The amount of still frames in this episode, in comparison to the usual number, is significantly higher.
  • I just realised Kinoko Nasu means “mushroom” and “eggplant” if not exactly written the way it is…what a name…
  • *something about being useful to others* – U-Uwaaaaah…Emiya! Stop reminding me of all the things I’ve done at the cost of myself!
  • Hmm? I googled Rin’s birthday and I thought she was a Leo – she’s an Aquarius (Feb. 3rd).
  • Rin absolutely steamrolled Emiya, LOL.
  • I get the feeling Archer is saying “Only you can save yourself”.
  • Randomly, there is a Volkswagen.
  • *something about Emiya photosynsthesising* – Rin, that’s not how people work…
  • Batting centre? How can girls go there in skirts without flashing anyone? That’s taking into consideration how short Rin’s skirt is, y’know…(Practicality comes first at all times, people…well, not for Saber, who’s wearing stockings, but I worry about Rin, as you can see.)
  • People find blushing tsunderes cute…I kinda get it for male tsunderes, but for Rin…not really.
  • Ack! Another double episode!
  • Why does this ominous vibe on a bus remind me of Harry Potter…? (Then again, the first things I remember of the movies were a shrunken head and a bus that could squeeze through gaps, which might explain things.)
  • Hmm? So what is Kuzuki’s place in Caster’s life, huh? Who’s controlling the puppet?
  • Come to think of it, who is Assassin’s real Master? If Caster has control of him, that means he belonged to someone else before that, right?
  • I feel sorry for Assassin. I mean, he has to keep talking to Caster with his body torn open like that…
  • “Princess of Colchis” – So Caster is Medea! Maybe Scott (who said I was wrong about that) was thinking I was referring to Rider. Rider and Caster do look awfully similar…but wait, so what was the real identity of Rider, then? *googles it but does not reveal it below*
  • Wolverine!Kirei strikes again, it seems.
  • Lel, I forgot about Lancer…and Berserker, now that I think of it.
  • So this is Brave Shine, huh? It doesn’t sound familiar at all…
  • …aaaaaaaaand of course Saber is in a fancy white dress. It’ll sell a lot of figures – in fact, I think I’ve actually seen Saber figures with that outfit while browsing for Nendoroids and other merch as of late.
  • Well, this blonde guy’s hair is nice…but he’s basically Shou Tucker all over again. (I haven’t even completed Fullmetal Alchemist in any form – I just know what the guy did because the fans talk about it a lot.)
  • Gosh, evil begets nothing but more evil, huh? (re: Kirei and blondie here)
  • I gotta facepalm – this blonde dude really shouldn’t have maltreated Medea. She has a reputation for a reason.
  • It took me a few tries and the brightening of my screen to figure it out, but Caster spotted Kuzuki.
  • Gilgamesh, what the f*** did you do to those poor maids?! (Even if they were homunculi…)
  • The subbers appear to have spelt “homunculus” slightly wrong…

Now What?

This set of Servants and Masters is interesting, because I know less about certain characters from the fandom whispers but more about others. Also, googling Rider revealed that there was some relevance to Sakura outside being Shinji’s sister…but I’m not telling. You probably know what it is anyway if you’re reading this or you could always risk giving yourself the spoilers and check it up yourself.

  • Assassin: Real name Kojiro Sasaki. Under control of Caster (?), probably died an untimely death after Caster tore his innards out.
  • Saber: Real name Arturia Pendragon, basically the only one who “crossed over” (in a legitimate sense…?) from F/Z. Supposed to be under Shiro but currently struggling under Caster’s command.
  • Berserker: Apparently Hercules. We know basically nothing about him that’s Fate/ specific at this stage, but we’ll get there soon, it seems. Master: Illya.
  • Archer: An amnesiac, possibly an alternate universe Shiro based on the weapon skillset. Has twin daggers (or “swords”, take your pick of terminology) or a giant bow depending on the need. Master: Rin.
  • Caster: Confirmed to be Medea. Noble Phantasm: Rule Breaker, which can be used to…well, break the rules by severing connections between Master and Servant (although exactly how that works is unclear). Master: Soichiro Kuzuki…well, after that one blonde guy.
  • Rider: Real name unknown. Female, looks kinda like Caster, dead. Master: Shinji Matou (before she died).
  • ????: The Great B*stard. I heard there was a “Ruler” class, but that might be for the Joan of Arc in Apocrypha. I’m not sure if it applies to this Gilgamesh. Master: Shinji Matou (after Kirei did…something). Gilgamesh just sort of wanders around, regardless of whoever’s controlling him, so it’s hard to pin down a Master for him unless he reports directly to them.

Remind me to jot down notes on the Masters as well. This post is plenty long with just notes on the Servants…

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