Fate/Stay Winter: Rin Was (Probably) Wrong About This Archer

The Archer class really is made up of archers, amirite?


F/SN UBW 15 – 18: Several big players fall as we finally get around to unravelling why Archer is a huge mess. (However, we still don’t know who Lancer’s Master is…)


  • “Going through the front door would be a bad idea.” – Yeah, and as I keep saying, people die when they are killed.
  • I really respect Illya now…and can see why she got her own spinoff.
  • This snowy mountain makes me realise exactly why they chose Ufotable for Demon Slayer.
  • I was wondering what Gilgamesh had torn out of Illya…ew.
  • I was watching Shazam the other day and a piece of advice the titular superhero gives is “Look out for number one.” (i.e. yourself). Rin has much the same mentality.
  • I seriously facepalmed when they tried to protect each other. One person should learn to stand down in the relationship for that to work.
  • Hmm…so this means Lancer’s Master is male, huh? (Why is that Master still a mystery anyway…?)
  • I facepalmed the third time (the second was soon after the first) when Emiya thought he could seriously protect Rin from Lancer. Knowing who Lancer’s Master is a much bigger priority right now, man – this isn’t a romcom!
  • I like Lancer’s sideways gaze, LOL.
  • *Archer comes in* – Well, hasn’t it been a while since we saw this guy? (voice drips with sarcasm)
  • “druther” – Hmm? I’d never heard of this word before this. Apparently, it means (when used as “If I had my druthers…” like it was here) “If I had my way…”.
  • Hmm? What’s this? There are two pendants instead of one…?
  • There’s a lot of shots centring around Lancer’s butt…LOL. (Or is that just the female gaze I’m forcing on to this?) Even still, because Lancer has an outfit like that, it’s kinda hard not to see that he does have a fine one. *raises eyebrows*
  • “You have a lack of pride in your sword skills.” – Uhhhhhhh…I guess that’s why he’s Archer…?
  • I never seem to know who the Lancers are…geesh. Like, I could pick one from a crowd of Servants, but not their real names. Update: As it turns out, Karna (the one Indian Servant I had my eye on, from Apocrypha) is a Lancer in Fate/Grand Order.
  • Apparently, Gungnir is the spear of Odin.
  • Kuzuki is a Master…of the Naruto run. (LOL)
  • Noting “sieben” and stuff, I think Rin’s magic is German in nature.
  • Why does Medea have elven ears, anyway…? Update: Notably, there’s nothing in her backstory to suggest she had that attribute, aside from maybe her magical nature.
  • The subs suddenly turned yellow! What the heck?! (Prior to this, subs were white.) Update: Come to think of it, only Aniplex shows have yellow subs, while Funimation ones have white subs (although HiDive let you choose between white and black, the standard is white on the hardsubs). This might mean a switchover between who’s responsible for the show happened while this anime was airing.
  •  “…within your grasp?”
  • Ooh, this I didn’t expect! Saber joined forces with Rin!
  • “…your wish was a mistake.”
  • *Shiro fights swords with more swords* – For some reason, I feel like I need to play some Daft Punk right now. (I don’t even like them as an artist, even though I’m meant to be the EDM expert around here…I like Kraftwerk after Coldplay got permission to use a sample of their music for Talk, but that’s as close as you’re going to get from me.)
  • This all but confirms Archer is actually a Shiro Emiya from a distant future.
  • I just imagined an Archer whose body was made of swords. What a compelling image (for a writer) – a literal human weapon.
  • Those hand gestures…Shinji is a massive creep.
  • Huh? I’ve been skipping the post-credits segments for previous episodes because I’m binging, but there’s a post-credits segment here…Update: I probably skipped a few crucial ones, to be honest.
  • Hmm…this next-ep preview had a rook (or a king? I’m no good at identifying chess pieces by their appearance) with a red glowing symbol on it facing what appeared to be the symbol of the Saber class. What an interesting representation of the upcoming inevitable faceoff.

Now What?

This category is just good for getting my head around things since watching 4 episodes at a time really breaks up the flow of the story.

I have no idea how this will all end aside from Saber vs. Archer. Maybe Gilgamesh might put himself into the fray, but he doesn’t have any place in the War now that the Archer spot is taken by the alternate Emiya…he’s like an overseeing Servant. The relationship between Gilgamesh and Kirei, as much as I like to rag on about how it suddenly induces “talking heads syndrome”, is one of the more interesting Master/Servant relationships because it’s like both have each other on a leash…well, at least they did before Kirei couldn’t uphold his side of the relationship.

Reality Marbles are a bit of a weird concept. They seem to be able to act as a Noble Phantasm without being one themselves…not sure if I’ll ever properly get my head around them or how someone would get one.

I heard the Illya series is mostly fanservice from someone in a Discord server I entered recently (after I noticed they had Waver in their Mudamaid harem – as of this post, I have inducted him into mine). That and the stunts I’m going to have to pull to access Illya season 1 and part of Illya season 2 mean I might have to think about aborting that part of the project entirely (which would mean finishing in March instead of the projected April, well within the boundaries of Fate/Stay Winter), because from my research, season 1 of Illya is the iffiest in regards to streaming availability. The first half of season 2 and the entire season 3 recently disappeared off the service I’ve been using so far. However, season 3 is duplicated elsewhere legally so, with a little luck, I can access the other seasons that way as well.

Warning: Checking the availability of Illya season 1 on Anime News Network reveals the fanservice this Discord user was talking about is lolicon fanservice (which is what I was dreading, since…well, when the anime has a title like that, you can kinda see it coming). Even if I do manage to get legal access to season 1 with the method I have planned, do be warned that I may just abort the project prematurely for that as well.

That’s far from everything I wanted to say for this post, but I’m cutting it off here because there’s possibly too much to say when each episode is so jam-packed.

If you’re still following these posts and understand what’s going on with the Reality Marbles, can you explain them to me?

4 thoughts on “Fate/Stay Winter: Rin Was (Probably) Wrong About This Archer

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  1. Yeah, there is no explanation for Medea’s ears other then she’s from the age of when magic was stronger, the ancient times. A lot of servants from that time period and have a strong emphasis in magic have those ears for some reason.

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  2. Fate/Stay Night’s Lancer is Cú Chulainn, who is kind of the Hercules of Irish mythology. And yes, he has a fantastic butt 😅

    Reality Marbles basically create a pocket dimension using the servant’s mana, that amplified their abilities. Noble Phantasms are just super moves, like limit breaks in the Final Fantasy games. Every servant has a Noble Phantasm but not every servant has a Reality Marble. It’s confusing, but it’s not that big of a deal so don’t worry about it too much heh

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