Must-read Monthly Monday (Feb. ’20 ed.)


If it’s not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 20th of January 2020 to the 24th of February 2020.

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Other People’s Reads

It wouldn’t be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people’s archives on a regular basis, these may not even be from the right time period…

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Spellbook Offerings

#AniTwitWatches (School Days)

Fate/Stay Project (Fate/Zero, Unlimited Blade Works, El-Melloi II’s Case Files OVA)

Circumstances caused me to push this back a week and split the episodes 2/6 over two posts (rather than the usual 4/4) – you can clearly see where based on the titles that indicate that situation – so I’m going to finish on April 13th at this rate (two weeks later than expected) if I don’t end up rejecting Ilya for its fanservice. 

Winter 2020 First Impressions

Other Stuff 

Navigation: Other People’s ReadsSpellbook Offerings|Current Obsessions|Coming up next…

Current Obsessions

  • The Endoroid: I was first introduced to it in August 2016, according to the Tumblr post I made at the time (see tweet for link), so basically I’ve been waiting for him to come home (in Touken Ranbu parlance) over 4 years. He escaped me last time I saw him (later that year), so I went against my miserly instincts when I wandered into a shop that sold merch, checked up what number Nendoroid En was (as you can see in the tweet, he’s #607) and when I looked at the boxes in front of where I was standing, #607 was right in front of me! (He was at the bottom of the stack though, so I did have to move some boxes.)…He did dig a sizeable hole into my wallet and I forgot to use the discount I had through the anime club, but otherwise I have no regrets.


  • Other merch: As part of my attempt to capitalise on the discount (although I ultimately forgot to get it, as mentioned earlier), I got a blind Hypnosis Mic fabric badge (Jyuto, who’s…alright, but there are better characters). A subsequent attempt yielded a gachapon Jakurai keychain/figure (it has a little stand and the capsules were clear, so I searched until I got what I wanted) and a blind Tonbokiri Nitotan rubber strap (Tonbokiri is alright but not the one I was going for). On a separate occasion, I snagged a blind Niitengo Bungou Stray Dogs clip (Kyoka, again alright but would’ve preferred a dude instead) and Orefuro vol. 1, which I’d missed getting at one point (I’d seen some of the series in my scanlation days, but there was one character I don’t remember from the anime…so maybe I didn’t get too far). I honestly thought the clips were keychains, but practicality only helps me justify my purchase.
  • The reason why I burn holes into my pocket despite the fact I explained I have no way to replenish it is a superstition that for every job interview I get, I spend as an incentive to save more later. I also like to take my chances at least once with every sale/discount I see on discs, manga and merch plus the first encounter with a new store if it has merch I’d like to get, but I do get reckless at times if I know items are limited (as merch tends to be). 
  • Physical stores: These escapades only helped me appreciate physical stores more, even if online’s where the money is at. You know exactly what you’re getting that way, even if you miss out on online-store-only bonuses.

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Coming up next…

  • I don’t think there is anything coming up next, since all my upcoming important stuff is happening outside this space. The coronavirus massively messed up my schedule so you might see me around more than usual in the next month. 

Navigation: Other People’s ReadsSpellbook Offerings|Current Obsessions|Coming up next…

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