Fate/Stay Winter: Fanservice…Fanservice Everywhere…


Detective Waver 5 – 8: After setting the stage by wrapping up the fairy case from episode 4 and having a girls’ day out between Gray, Luvia and Reines…the main Rail Zeppelin case begins!


  • I feel like Adashino is meant to be an Irene Adler-type figure…Update: Or she could be a rival, Moriarty-style.
  • “Peaceful Fairys” (sic)
  •  Where did Kairi’s scar come from…?
  • The Black Dog was in Mahoutsukai no Yome as well, but this one looks a lot less inviting, huh?
  • It seems, like the name Rail Zeppelin implies (as “Demon Eyes Collection Train”), most of the people involved in this case have Magic Eyes (or whatever they’re actually called). I wouldn’t be surprised if Kairi had them as well, considering he’s wearing dark glasses in the middle of a thunderstorm.
  • “King Arthur is a dude, right?” – *laughs madly* They finally managed to parody their own bulls***! (Well, I’m not counting Carnival Phantasm or whatever else because this is the first time they threw a meta joke in there in the whole of this project, as far as I can remember.)
  • Trimmau seems to be the maid’s name…huh. They never mentioned that earlier, I don’t think.
  • So what’s the difference between Fairy Eyes and Mystic Eyes? Update: Presumably, Fairy Eyes are a type of Mystic Eyes.
  • Wait, does that even work…? The entire house is the murder weapon? That’s basically breaking the “secret passageway” rule on a larger scale. Update: This is referring to the mystery fiction rules I was going on about in the last post.
  • So what’s Trevor’s motive…?
  • The dogs running towards the Workshop reminded me of the Hunger Games for some reason…must be the climax of that (no spoilers for that here, though).
  • That fairy isn’t emoting much…
  • Oh cra-Wills is going to sacrifice himself, like Adashino was going to do! That’s the second time I’ve seen that in 2 days (the first was in the Hypnosis Mic manga about the Dirty Dawg, which I was reading recently).
  • Uh…Waver’s not particularly fit or fast, is he…?
  • Can you be paid for your case if your client is essentially dead…?
  • Adra? I read around and Adra seems to be a way to spell the location (or whatever it is) in the first case…which got adapted into a stage play, but not an anime. That’s probably what he’s (Waver) referring to. Update: See final note of this post.
  • Notably, the title is translated to “lance” but yari means spear…
  • I seriously wanna slap that pink-haired girl…
  • This is basically Gray fanservice…
  • If Gray = Saber and Saber = King Arthur…hmm…does it count as a girls’ party?
  • Homeland? Since Britain is Saber’s (aka Gray’s) home country, I think they meant “hometown”…I’d have to listen to the Japanese to make sure, though.
  • I still think Waver is a stupid, or at the very least false, name for a boy, especially if he did come from Britain. That’s basically my one limitation on him as a husbando. Update: Or it could have just been that whoever thought up such a name never learnt that “Waver” wasn’t a legitimate name in English.
  • The red bit of the eyecatch was shaped like an eye…it did catch eyes in a sense, after all.
  • So Trimmau is sustained by magic.
  • Locked-room…or rather, bounded field…mystery time!
  • Luvia did mention wrestling in another episode…
  • I had to google that, but the Separation Castle is from the Adra case mentioned in episode 5. No wonder I don’t remember it…Update: See final note of this post.
  • “Are you suggesting there were faults…” (from Luvia) – Ooh, I was thinking the perpetrator was caught inside their own bounded field or maybe it was an outsider, but that works too, Reines.
  • Add calld Luvia out for her extravagance, LOL.
  • Catch-as-catch-can appears to be “no-holds-barred fighting”, particularly wrestling.
  • That case was both informative and possibly solveable by the audience. Both good qualities for a mystery.
  • If you summon the spirit again, is it the same Rider with the same memories? Or can you summon a different version of the same Rider with amnesia, much like Rin did with Archer? Update: Oh yeah, I did read this on the wiki at one point but then forgot about it. The next episode (7) confirms that Rider wouldn’t remember Waver if he were summoned again at this point in time.
  • …C’mon, admit it, show. The glasses are not only there for plot reasons but to up Waver’s status as megane boy for the rest of this case. Not that I mind – I actually really like megane boys, but I’m nowhere near the love of Meganebu – but in the case of plausibility, I wanna poke holes into it.
  • Auction for which Mystic Eyes now…?
  • There’s a guy…with an elephant head…I know I shouldn’t be bugged by it, but I need the MST3K mantra right now.
  • This is gonna be a Murder on the Orient Express thing, isn’t it? All cases set on trains seem to take cues or make homage to it. (I may not be that proficient on Christie in comparison to Holmes, since Holmes was Conan’s inspiration, but Murder on the Orient Express I have read and I did secure an anthology of 4 Christie novels at one point specifically so that I could improve in this area.)
  • The main series never explained the bad blood between the Church and the Tower, did they…?
  • *sweatdrop* Let me guess…when Yvette mentions “multiplay”, she means a threesome, right?
  • How do anime people see out of those blindfold thing, anyway??? (Or is it that Leandra has Mystic Eyes that were sold off or otherwise tampered with?)
  • I believe the word is “palate”, Kairi (or subbers).
  • Anime characters being bagworms with their blankets is always appealing, no matter the gender. It’s funny and/or relatable, after all.
  • Does Gray get motion sickness…? Update: Seems I spoke about a minute too soon. She does.
  • How does Waver know that Adashino got the documents about the train? Is it because she was in all those places at all those times and he connected the dots? Update: She told him the documents were about the train when she obtained them a few episodes ago.
  • This lady has heterochromia. Specifically, one is brown and the other is blue or green.
  • Hmm? I thought the character design was familiar for this. As it turns out, Jun Nakai (who did the character design for this) also did Gate’s, which explains it.
  • Dionysus is the Greek god of wine, IIRC. Hephaestion is, as (s)he explained, the confidante of Alexander the Great (had to google this one).
  • It’s hard to see before the brightly-lit scene where Olga reappears, but as shown, Waver seems to have cut off part of his forelocks on the left side.
  • What’s an Odo???…ooh, fanservice…*ogles*
  • The summoning of Hephaestion and Trisha’s murder may or may not be related…we just don’t know how, yet.
  • I think a Detective Conan Murder on the Orient Express-style mystery would be a good video ga-*googles* There’s at least one of them out there already (albeit only in Japan)...namely, this one. Spoke too soon.
  • Oh yeah…this is Olga’s new room, isn’t it? I almost forgot about that.
  • Update: I think this look at the Adra Separation Castle case is interesting. It’s similar to posts I would write, but done by a professional – namely Richard Eisenbeis of Kotaku and Anime News Network.

Screenshot Corner

(Image source: El-Melloi II’s Case Files ep. 6)

I’ve been noticing this one parallel ever since I started this project…well, technically it’s a cinematography technique where one character is on one side of the screen and another is on the other…and I figured I might as well compile examples I have of it since I’m running out of ideas for this section anyway.

This one almost suggests a splitting between past and future. (Image source: UBW ep 7)
If you ignore Iri, then this image has much the same effect as the one directly above it. (Image source: F/Z ep. 16)
(Image source: F/Z ep. 14)
This one’s the furthest example of what I’m trying to suggest since Shirley and Kiritsugu are in such close proximity in comparison to the characters in the other images, but I’ll add it anyway. (Image source: F/Z ep. 18)


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