Does the Gender Matter in Correlation to the Plot?: The Case of Isekai/Virtual World Protagonists

Now that the drama from the winter 2020 first episodes is over, let's talk about them. This is inspired by Karandi's post on whether Bofuri would work if Maple wasn't a cute high school girl. I mentioned in the comments of that post that sometimes the gender matters, such as CGDCT (because it's in the... Continue Reading →

Magical Girls, Media and Maturation [OWLS Feb. ’20 Blog Tour]

Various magical girl series play with the concept of “magical girls passing on their duties”. This is Aria of the Spellbook, as you guys probably know by now…then again, you never know when a new reader will come along, which is why I have to keep finding new ways to introduce myself on my blog.... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: Halved Again

Yup...sorry, this is what happens when I make a sincere effort to get out of the situation that caused me to postpone this project in the first place. Update So I'm out of the program and for the next month or so, I'll be under the pump because I have to wrestle with the consequences... Continue Reading →

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