#AniTwitWatches Round 5: Wandering Son 1 – 2

Hello again, friendos - it's time for more #AniTwitWatches. If you don't know what that is since you've never had enough time until our buddy COVID-19 set in (or even if that's not the case), check this. I skipped round 4 because it was another (!!!) show I'd watched, but School Days was round 3... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – 8-bit

Stars Align’s put my eye towards these guys. If I wanted to catch the seasonal train on Stars Align, I’m a bit late, but…welp, the post in this series that I want to write on ID: INVADED’s studio NAZ is not going anywhere. There’s just not enough info out there for it, not to mention... Continue Reading →

Must-read Monthly Monday (Mar. ’20 ed.)

 If it's not specified, the time period covered in this post is from the 24th of February 2020 to the 23rd of March 2020.Navigation: Other People's Reads | Spellbook Offerings|Current Obsessions|Coming up next...Other People's ReadsIt wouldn't be a round-up post without them. However, since I scour people's archives on a regular basis, these may not even... Continue Reading →

A Practical Guide to Cosplay

I'm no cosplay nut, but certain anime have made me rethink my potential for such an art... Since I miss Irina already (she is around, but in a reduced capacity), let's have a discussion about cosplay costumes...outside of Halloween season, because why not. I used to think cosplay was basically impossible, since I can't sew... Continue Reading →

Fate/Stay Winter: The Project Stops Here

...Yup, what I thought would happen did happen. Basically, Prisma Illya went hardcore with its brother-loving, loli fanservice plotlines...using lesbian kissing. I'm fine with lesbians (although I obviously don't swing that way enough to enjoy that), but the fact this goes into much nastier territory than even Cardcaptor Sakura makes it hard to stomach. Synopsis... Continue Reading →

Sending in Spring 2020

Hey, people! Where'd you take winter 2020? In amongst all the Fate/ stuff, it feels like it's been nothing but Fate/ this entire season and the simulcasts were happening on the periphery...until Iruma-kun came to an end. The people who normally alert me to the end of the season started, for me, about 3 weeks... Continue Reading →

The Mystery Deepens in ID: INVADED

Ever since the last time I checked in with ID: INVADED, stuff has only gotten more layered and confusing. Yes...if you didn't notice, I'm using all-caps for the title now. If you read the katakana under the English in the logo, you'll find the name of the series is actually Ido: Inveideddo, meaning it's meant... Continue Reading →

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