Fate/Stay Winter: It’s Not Winter Anymore…

…not that anyone cares.

Welp, I was hoping to avoid this outcome by finishing Illya season 1 quickly, but…like quit a few of the other posts, I was up until 1 am working on this because of the spring 2020 post. Those have already started springing up like daisies (even though the season is 2 or 3 weeks from finishing for me!), so I’ll just leave you with the Illya impressions. (To be honest with you, I got really distracted by stuff today but the biggest distraction was discovering Crunchyroll has Dragon Dentist…to be fair, I was drafting a post on that before I got sidetracked by BnHA and then the hefty endeavour that is the first set of seasonal predictions, so I wasn’t slacking off on blogging things for sure…)

These don’t make much sense without the context, so I’ve tried to give some, but…welp, all I can say to that is it’s sad exactly how reactionary I can get sometimes in these notes.

  • Illya’s still reeling from Miyu’s talk, huh?
  • I noticed it said tomoda(chi) in the background at one point.
  • Does Miyu exist in any of the alternate universes?
  • Ah, there’s yuujou (friendship) in the background as calligraphy.
  •  I think the video got encoded funny again…
  • Geez, complaining about boobs? The series got worse…oh, I forgot Shiro was around in this series.
  • …who’s left? There’s been Saber, Archer, Lancer, Assassin, Rider, Caster and…who? Berserker, that’s who.
  • Ohhhhhhhh brother, not more bath scenes…
  • Iri looks almost exactly like she does in the Einzbern Consultation Rooms! (I found those around and watched them today.) Update: Note “today” was as of that day’s notes. As of this post going out, that “today” was about a week ago.
  • Thank goodness the fanservice is censored…
  • I never realised Berseker had heterochromia until now…
  • One thing that I assume makes Saber’s outfit look nice to those that like girls is the [triangular-ish] window in the top…but it goes to waste on Miyu, LOL.
  • I find it interesting Illya has all thee concerns – the ones (or similar ones) Iri harboured in F/Z.
  • Hey, the bridge! This is the bridge where Rider dies inn F/Z, yeah?
  • The ED looks different this time…
  • E-Eep…loli fanservice…
  • Now Miyu is basically what Waver is to Rider, no doubt about it.
  • Bulls***! Speak of the devil! I was wondering what Waver looked like in the Illya style, because I read on the wiki he makes a cameo in season 2, and…here he is. Didn’t expect him in season 1, though.
  • Another new ED animation. I find it interesting they’ve never once had to recast any VAs throughout the entire existence of Fate/ anime…not that I know of, anyway.
  • Hiroyama Hiroshi is the original Illya creator.
  • Okay, that’s the end of one season. I feel kind of fatigued since I finished the Einzbern Consultation Rooms today as well, so I’m going to take a break from watching more Illya until it’s necessary to watch again in a few posts’ time. (Update: I did refer to this in previous posts, but I did finish the last 7 episodes of Illya season 1 in one day, hence my comment and barebones comments in general.)
  • Now that they’ve collected the cards, I’m wondering what the series intends to do next…
  • They [the staff] clearly skimped on the budget when Shiro was leaving the house…
  • I keep forgetting Illya is meant to be German…
  • That bad English…is actually there in the ep. title…
  • Oh great…schoolgirls talking about erotic swimsuits…
  • This s*** is what you call “Class-S”! I have no interest in it, because I don’t swing that way! (Sorry, yuri fans…)
  • The problem with series that aren’t 100% made with you in mind is that your favourite characters might look ugly…that’s especially the case with En, Jakurai and Waver. Update: If you’re not familiar with my bois (aside from Waver – if you’re following along with this, you should know who he is), they’re En Yufuin of Boueibu and Jakurai Jinguji of Hypnosis Mic.
  • Ryudou Temple, eh? Let’s hope Assassin still looks good.
  • I don’t think I’ve seen that before…namely, being able to hear what’s going on outside the transformation while it’s happening.
  • Now this 2 Illyas thing…this is new, alright. Update: For Fate/ at the very minimum, not sure about magical girls in general since Shugo Chara could be argued to be this in a sense.

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