Fate/Stay Winter: The Project Stops Here

…Yup, what I thought would happen did happen.

Basically, Prisma Illya went hardcore with its brother-loving, loli fanservice plotlines…using lesbian kissing. I’m fine with lesbians (although I obviously don’t swing that way enough to enjoy that), but the fact this goes into much nastier territory than even Cardcaptor Sakura makes it hard to stomach.


Prisma Illya 2wei 2 – 3: Illya split in two last time…and now the clone is out to kill her.


  • LOL, what a horoscope.
  • Truck-kun! I don’t think Illya would make a good isekai protag, come to think of it.
  • Who is this nurse? I feel like she’s from some other part of the Nasuverse… Update: My guess was right. That’s Caren Hortensia, protagonist of Fate/hollow ataraxia and Kirei’s…uh, daughter. I know he had a wife and we never met said wife, but seeing the daughter really drove that fact home.
  • Uhhhhhhhh…okay, now the lesbian loli scene just made things go off a cliff for me. I’m not against lesbians or yuri – to each their own – but that scene was clearly meant to be pleasing to a certain audience.
  • How does anyone kill anything gently…?
  • Ohhhhhhkay, strike 2 for loli fanservice.
  • I seem to remember…that’s right, Alice from the [card suit] no Kuni no Alice series was evaluated on her coffee-making skills (by Julius, I think it was). That’s why I’m thinking of Alice when I see Luvia praising Miyu on something similar.
  • Wa-hey! It’s Rin’s Azoth dagger!
  • Well, the mechanics of the transformation are also something you have to think about. I’ll give the show kudos for that.
  • Can we not with the whole “Onii-chan, daisuki!” thing?! That’s it! That’s the last straw! I’m finishing this episode and aborting early so that I can preserve my dignity…and get some proper sleep for once.
  • The fact Miyu thinks Shiro resembles her brother must not be a coincidence…(I’ve become far too Fate/ savvy, haven’t I?) Update: It seems I was right. Apparently, Miyu was taken in by Kiritsugu in a certain universe, but apparently…this is a bunch of spoilers I shouldn’t have looked at.
  • Genki na aisatsu (“cheerful greeting”) was written on something in the background.
  • This is just getting worse and worse…
  • So now Kuro’s name is Kuroe (Chloe), huh? Anyways, good riddance, loli fanservice! So long! I won’t miss you one bit!

Character Spotlight

Due to the rushed nature of the last post, I didn’t even get to do the segment I was hoping for that. So let’s cap this thing off with why you gotta love certain characters! (Influenced by my biases, of course. It wouldn’t be a blog post here without them.)

  • Waver Velvet: Waver has a quality arc, even if a big chunk of it after a certain point is pining for the Servant he lost. I mean, a weak but strategically-inclined mage going toe-to-toe with the best of them (despite what the competition thinks of him) and surviving is really inspirational, no? Plus, with his grumpiness, exasperation, wishing to sleep in and kinda secret gamer tendencies, he’s infinitely relatable.
  • Assassin (Kojiro Sasaki): Sometimes, I am cursed to love side characters with nice designs. This is that curse…but seriously, this guy goes against Saber – known to be one of the strongest Servants around – and gives her a run for her money. As I explained in one of the posts, he does it with an unusually large sword – ootachi are apparently long enough that only superhumans can use them with ease (although apparently Sasaki’s Monohoshizao is under a metre – 90 cm – and thus well under Taroutachi’s length of 221 cm, from further research, it’s still longer than a standard katana and thus it would still be rather unwieldy without the right training). Not to mention he kinda looks like Taishakuten from Rendai Utena
  • Emiya: Not one of my professed husbandos – in fact, I find him similar to myself due to how the pursuit of something bigger causes self-sacrifice…It gets to the point where a random White Day quiz (F/GO-themed, natch) matched me with him as an “ideal partner”…It’s my belief that if your husbando is too similar to you, then you’re bound to clash a lot, so I try to find compatible ones that aren’t similar enough to cause this.

Sidebar: In astrology, you can find compatible people by matching the sign 6 signs out from yours – as an example, I’m a Virgo, so the 6th sign out is Pisces – or find someone with the same element – Virgo is an Earth sign, matching Capricorn and Taurus. I confess I’m not someone who’s massively trained in astrology, though. (As a sidenote to this, one of the reasons I ended up stanning Jakurai, despite his age of 35 being a bit of an outlier compared to most of my husbandos, was because he was a Capricorn, and En – who’s a Cancer – wouldn’t be very compatible, but I guess you can’t have everything…)

Sorry for cutting this short, but I did warn you guys that I would cut this off if Prisma Illya got too much.



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  1. Prisma Illya really is a… “unique” piece of work. No shame in removing it from your memory entirely. I hope Zero, UBW, and Case Files were a fun watch and it was really nice to read you delve into Fate hell. I’d recommend watching Heaven’s Feel just for yourself once it’s finished, but it’s safe to say that you’ve consumed more than enough Fate already.

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