Ode to Anime Studios – 8-bit

Stars Align’s put my eye towards these guys.

If I wanted to catch the seasonal train on Stars Align, I’m a bit late, but…welp, the post in this series that I want to write on ID: INVADED’s studio NAZ is not going anywhere. There’s just not enough info out there for it, not to mention the weird filter on Angolmois isn’t really the best representative of their work.

Anyways, enough of my post-writing woes. Kabushikigaisha 8-bit is about 12 years old, having been founded in September of 2008 (8-bit n.d.). It’s based in Suginami (8-bit n.d.) and handles CGI, character design and graphic design as well as the 2D animation we know and love (Anime News Network n.d.). They have quite a few mech shows, which is apparently because they were originally attached to Satelight and then spun off into their own studio, as evidenced by their first credited work being a Macross movie (8-bit n.d.). As for the animation itself, they do all sorts of artstyles from Stars Align’s watercolours to the bright colours of Slime, but Slime definitely put them on the map for more…well, “animated” animation than others…Speaking of 8 bits, there are pixel graphics on 8-bit’s website! How appropriate.

Sidebar: The “8-bit was formed from Satelight” thing is only ever confirmed on Japanese Wikipedia, but I think there’s enough evidence to prop that up.

My favourite 8-bit show is, admittedly, the outlier (Stars Align) because it’s the only one I’ve finished…well, outside of Zenonzard’s episode 0 (which I don’t think many have watched but it does have quite stellar CGI).  The watercolour look seems to be more a product of the director, Kazuki Akane, and his desire for realism than anything, since it more closely resembles Tsukigakirei (by Studio Feel) or Hourou Musuko (AIC).

Final sidebar: Some sources use the hyphen and some don’t. I’m using the hyphen in case, but there’s no indication in the katakana that you have to use it.

So what’s your favourite show by 8-bit? I bet I won’t have watched it, but we can still have conversations about stuff all the same.


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  1. I took a look at this studio since you mentioned Stars Align, and had no idea they also did Oshi Ga Budokan Itekurertara shinu, which is a series I just finished yesterday. Quite the 180 in themes lol.

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