Winter 2020 Wrap-Up (ft. Boku no Hero Academia’s Movie, Futari no Hero)

As the COVID-19 crisis crawls ever onwards, there's never been a better time to be a homebody, so why not wrap up some anime? As I sink ever deeper into HypMic hell and jump back into gacha games I abandoned a year or so ago, it has occurred to me that it's time to wrap... Continue Reading →

Spring 2020 First Impressions: Surprises All Around

 No Guns Life has been postponed because COVID-19...this list is currently in progress and subject to change for the same reason. Welp, it's times like this which are why I have the priority list and everything.My winter wrap-up post is coming soon, too - it's just that BnHA is a straggler I only finished the... Continue Reading →

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