Winter 2020 Wrap-Up (ft. Boku no Hero Academia’s Movie, Futari no Hero)

As the COVID-19 crisis crawls ever onwards, there’s never been a better time to be a homebody, so why not wrap up some anime?

As I sink ever deeper into HypMic hell and jump back into gacha games I abandoned a year or so ago, it has occurred to me that it’s time to wrap up the season.

Theme music (inspired by one of the round-ups):

I was gonna keep it brief and spoiler-free, which is why most of them are, but the last two (BnHA and Magia Record) – which are attached to larger franchises, natch – aren’t very brief. I also drop a spoiler-free take on the BnHA movie Futari no Hero in the relevant section, even though that’s not a winter 2020 seasonal – it’s in its own paragraph, separated by a bunch of dots from s4’s comments, so that you can avoid it if you haven’t seen it.


Generally quite pleasant, with the exception of an arc that drags a bit near the end (although not as much as BnHA‘s). Good to show younger viewers, although the ones who’ll have the most fun are those who can dissect the many puns and enjoy the comedy for what it is.


Part SoL, part surreal comedy with some genuine yet brief insight along the way about various topics, such as idols, gender presentation as well as the weird ways humans treat pets and vice versa. However, this is undercut by a dog/cat romance that goes nowhere (which is generally played for comedy, not drama), plus another one-off interspecies romance (also comedic, although the breakdown of said romance would ruin the joke). I’d probably recommend it to cat and/or dog lovers more than anyone else.


A delight from start to finish, with the only problem being the rather inconclusive ending that tries to – keyword being “tries” – beg you to read the manga (which, by the way, is out in September 2020 in English from Dark Horse Comics).


It has quite the neat conclusion for an anime with such sprawling ideas, although it possibly didn’t do enough with some of the wellside characters. It’s not the best animation-wise, but it’s great if you’re looking for the next Minority Report (or you can alternatively go with Psycho Pass on that front). Also full of puns, as I can attest.


I’m not as apathetic to season 4 than other people are (I know Scott and Karandi have been, at least), but that may have been because I was busy chipping away at other anime/things (like the aforementioned gacha games). It also became a waiting game for the “saving Eri” part as soon as Viz dropped the entire Overhaul arc’s manga at my feet …or, rather, the digital equivalent of that. plus my occasional (semi-deliberate…?) reading of spoilers due to skulking around the wiki meant I could figure out what the next-season hook was referring to. The Endeavour/Nomu sakuga fest was awesome, but it wasn’t enough to bring back my goodwill from sinking lower than s1 – as of this writing, s1’s 75 and s4 is my lowest-rated part of the anime at 73 (both out of 100).



By the way, the anime club showed Futari no Hero the day before this post went out. I don’t think I have enough for a post on it since I had to do stuff in between and I might have missed out on crucial villain motivations because of it, but I think Melissa is similar to Hatsume and I can see why this movie would look so special to up-to-date with s2 theatre-goers seeing BnHA on a big screen for the first time, but since I knew I was going to finish s4 just after seeing it and s5 was on its way (plus the lockdown period has told me there’s no screen like the anime club’s cinema screen!), I cared less. I want to make a joke Futari no Hero is basically Tower of God, but I’m not familiar enough with the latter to be confident with that comparison. I also heard aside from All Might’s backstory, the movie is non-canon, so on one hand, it’s good as an action spectacle (which is what BnHA basically is) but on the other hand, I can see how the staff were trying to get money without going over boundaries that will be developed later, what with the island being isolated and all…

Magia Record

A season 2 was announced, which does take the shine off the series somewhat but on the other hand tells you why its ending is so incomplete. The fact Momoko, Rena and Kaede don’t get much focus outside the latter two’s focal arc also smacks of the anime being made from that sweet gacha money companies love so much (which is not my money – I only ever use what the game gives me). The OG was a tough act to follow so I knew I’d be apathetic at best to it, so I may have to think about dropping Magia Record if it continues to keep me apathetic into its next cour.

If that intro seemed (subtly) more like a Yomu intro than my own, then I’ve done my job. Aside from the whole “showcasing my fandoms on this blog” deal you’d expect and the fact more details have actually dropped about the HypMic anime now, the recent April Fool’s post (which I waited 2 years to unveil!) made me realise I haven’t done in-character writing for a while.

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  1. Some very interesting reading material you got here. Here’s three posts read and liked because of how many points you got on me. Sorry you got stuck with me instead of literally anyone else that was there (I know I am closer to food at home then McDonald’s when it comes to desirable outcomes).

    Hope you had fun at your club meeting, and if you ever want a rematch you know where to find me.

    P.S. When in doubt, always Deku it out!

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