Spring 2020 First Impressions: Turning the Tide

 No Guns Life has been postponed because COVID-19...this list is currently in progress and subject to change for the same reason. Welp, it's times like this which are why I have the priority list.The 8th Son? Are You Kidding Me?KakushigotoListenersBakarinaBungou to AlchemistWave, Listen to Me!Sing Yesterday for MeArteFruits Basket s2Princess Connect (not on preview list, but... Continue Reading →

Bungou? Mango? On a Particular Pun in Kakushigoto

This season, it's probably going to become apparent to anime fans that bungou means "literary master".   In Kakushigoto episode 1, the title character is called a "mango", but to be honest it has almost nothing to do with fruit. I revealed the first part of the mystery above the cut - bungou (文豪) means... Continue Reading →

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