#AniTwitWatches Round 6: The Perfect Insider 1 – 2

Welcome, everyone, to another round of #AniTwitWatches. If you’re new to this neck of the woods, you might want to see round 3 or round 5 to see how I handle this post (there’s no rounds 1, 2 or 4 because I’d seen those shows already) or see this post to know what #AniTwitWatches is.

Episode 1

  • I have watched this episode before…I just don’t have any notes for it, so I have to do this from scratch.
  • Oh, Noitamina…I’ve seen your bumpers many times. SamFlam (Samurai Flamenco), Zankyou no Terror…To be honest, I only know of two kinds of Noitamina bumpers – this one with the running chair and the one that’s like a loading screen, apparently done by a “Studio Rikka”, from the time of SamFlam.
  • “Diary Journal/Every day is A new day.” (sic)
  • I forgot – was Saikawa a mathematician? Update: Programmer.
  • Notice that Nishinosono is a -kun. I’d think someone with her voice merited a “-chan” instead.
  • I seem to have a vague memory that this is a show about geniuses doing genius things (to use a term that seems to have been popularised mostly after 2015) – it’s full of monologuing. That’s probably why it didn’t perform well enough to be watched weekly – the first time around, I think I gave this a middling rank. By the way, fall 2015 was the first season with 5 seasonals I had, so it’s basically the first year I had the system that I do (which I had to relax for COVID-19).
  • I think it’s the art style (I only just discovered, checking the AniList page, the character designs were by Inio Asano…which should explain the overall mood)…but this show seems dreary, like it’s going to discuss something “heavy” like suicide any second now. The waves and chair scene at the beginning of this episode had the same effect, but I didn’t want to point that out.
  • “This articles is available…” (sic)
  • In this time of COVID-19, video call is the norm, even for someone who’s incompetent with tech (like my dad)…hmm, how far technology has advanced.
  • Hmph…I feel called out by this “everyone starts out as a genius” thing.
  • Genius programmer? Hey wait, if this was 4 years ago…aside from the whole mystery shtick, which I gravitate to out of a sense of loyalty to Detective Conan, that might explain part of why I was interested in this. You might have noticed this when I was talking about Gridman and New Game, but I’ve wanted more anime that talk realistically about the life of people who work with computers (hackers, programmers etc) out of a sense of loyalty to the person I once was.
  • Magata is speaking very formally, probably because she doesn’t know Nishinosono personally.
  • Non compos mentis = not of sound mind. I sort of assumed that from context.
  • The episode titles are [colour] + [noun]. I’ve been thinking that for a bit, but I dunno why they’re that way.
  • I don’t remember a thing about this Christmas tree bit.
  • LOL, it looks like a Windows 98 interface or thereabouts, what with those old-style windows.
  • This ED reminds me of the ol’ Pipes screensaver.

Episode 2

  • Moe is Daisuke Kambe-rich, but not Daisuke Kambe-level fun to watch…
  • Dr Magata predicted COVID-19, I guess you could say…? (weak LOL)
  • (Even I’ve had yakisoba before…)
  • Did you see how fast Saikawa’s eyes moved when Moe said Magata liked him? He likes her, like, liiiiiiiiiikes her. (<- read that last sentence in a childish voice)
  • “I’m almost twenty.” – “Almost” means you’re not yet.
  • Is Saikawa’s shirt bread this time…? Toast? Update: Yes, it says “bread” (pan, from the Portuguese) on the bottom.
  • The CGI is a bit distracting, but not the worst effort ever. In fact, it’s one of the better efforts.
  • There’s an almost Lolita-esque vibe to this entire subplot…presumably the killer’s take on things. I know this because the framing of Magata is similar to Jabami from Kakegurui.

It seems like this is shaping up to be a locked-room mystery of sorts. That sort of anime is rare, because normally mystery anime are procedurals and/or a bunch of separate cases slung together with a neat metaphorical bow, with that “bow” being the main characters – Erased might be the only anime I can think of that is similar to this in structure and maybe also Astra.

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  1. Yes, a locked room murder mystery with a secondary narrative being told throughout. I hope you’ll enjoy 🙂

    As usual, I enjoyed your thoughts this week but didn’t have anything to add beyond what you already mentioned. I see that you did pick up on some things I noted in my thread as well.


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