#AniTwitWatches Round 6: The Perfect Insider 3 – 4

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Episode 3

  • I presume “rain girl” means she brings misfortune upon whatever she goes to, like rain during outings on supposedly sunny days.
  • Aside from communism and blood, I thought of red as being for romance because of roses and hearts, which are traditionally depicted as red. Also Magata’s lips.
  • Why did everyone move back? Because Magata was visible?
  • What is the significance of the dress? If I know my murder mysteries right, there’s someone out there with a nasty desire for Dr. Magata, so much they ended up murdering her, amputating her and sticking her in it…but that’s the most twisted version I can think of.
  • I get the feeling one of the programmers did it. That way, they know how to deal with security.
  • …Hmm. When Moe asked if her definition of “sure” was alright, I was suddenly reminded of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory…that holier-than-thou attitude and social ineptitude kinda reminds me of both Magata and Saikawa, come to think of it.
  • It probably irks me because I have a large extended family (including an uncle who has the same English name as my dad), but having similar/matching names in the same family gets annoying. Apparently, it’s a bit of a Chinese tradition to have one character in a name match in a certain (close) family and generation, though I don’t know how widespread the practice is because I’ve only ever seen it once and even that’s splintered between 4 members…Okay, the characters for “Miki” and “Shiki” don’t match each other, but they do happen to rhyme.
  • Does it count as “in person” if the person is dead…?
  • Notably, “Red Magic” is the only title so far to have had any in-plot significance.
  • Who’s the real detective around here…?
  • “The director…” – …is dead?…Yep, called it. Ain’t a serial case without another murder, is it?
  • Does Shiki have an eidetic memory…?
  • I was thinking about my Lolita comparison from last time and, having not read that (I would prefer I not, although I did see it at the library before the lockdown), I don’t know how accurate it really is. However, Japan has a bit of a literary history with similar characters, such as Elise from Ougai’s The Dancing Girl (Maihime) and Naomi from Tanizaki’s A Fool’s Love (Chijin no Ai)…LOL, I learnt about both of these from Bungou Stray Dogs.

Episode 4

  • That’s a lotta camera angles!
  • I think Shindo was killed so that the people couldn’t escape the lab.
  • That…does kinda look like Unix, now that I see the icons down the side. (Mac has icons down the bottom and unless you’ve reoriented Windows, the taskbar would be on the bottom too.)
  • Why is the program or OS or whatever called Deborah, anyway? Why does it have to be named after a human woman or have a human woman’s name? (Then again, why is the voice recognition program Microsoft Sam?)
  • Holy mackerel, five monitors?!? I’ve seen people working with two, but not that many!
  • The font on the word “pan” is red now. I don’t think it was red when I read it a few episodes ago.
  • Well, when there’s only one person in the place most of the time, you’d expect it to be clean, no…? Does this say she had OCD, maybe?
  • Normally in Detective Conan when there’s a locked room, someone (normally Heiji/Harley or Kogoro/Richard) would smash in the door, so I almost thought the same when the security guy started knocking.
  • I wonder if there was some sort of privacy issue Dr Magata was having…? I mean, she’s in a secret lab guarded by security guys. Privacy would be no problem.
  • “…and no doctor’s limbs, either.” – What about the cupboard next to you, security dude?
  • I noticed the Read me used boku for Magata…Hmm. That’s quite a masculine pronoun for a lady like that. Then again, the name “Shiki” is gender-neutral.
  • Google-sensei says a PC takes about 20 minutes to do a factory reset. You might want to keep that in mind for later.
  • What are those hexagonal markings on the wall…? They might just be decals, bur you never know what might help with the case.
  • Hmph. I swear I just figured out Saikawa’s type just from those comments (the sweet lolita type or other styles that make girls look like dolls, such as elegant gothic lolita), but that’s the opinion of an outsider looking inwards…so to speak. As I’ve said, I don’t know much about fashion…what I do like is that I like to guess things.
  • “Because we’re always talking.” – It might just be the name, but this brought to mind the OP and how a lot of characters don’t appear in it – just Saikawa, Moe and Magata – and Magata disappears at the end. Saikawa and Magata dance around like a lovestruck couple, or maybe like she’s teasing him…hmm.
  • According to the kanji of her name, Shiki means “4 seasons”. So she could be 4 or 7.
  • This doesn’t seem like it was set in 2000. It’s oddly modern, considering Japan has what is known as Galapagos syndrome for its tech.
  • (SPOILERS!) I saw a spoiler on the wiki page that said Shiki was forced to be pregnant with Miki, so “my first time” might be that.

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      1. To expand on the “rain woman” comment, it also is a metaphor for how Moe sees herself as she’s making that comment regarding how death seems to follow her (dead parents and this).

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