Looking Forward (?) to Summer 2020


I seem to have missed a memo that one of my final new rays of hope for the summer 2020 season, Get Up! Get Live!, was a TV short. I did some digging around to see if that news was recent and I was only just playing catch-up, but nope – it’s been out since mid-February! Hence the question mark…this season could end up being more dismal than summer 2017, which is an infamous season for being a bit of a stinker before I found Saiyuki Reload Blast.

So while I attempt to shrug off burnout achieved from tuning into an anime marathon two days ago and simultaneously run away from simulcasts I should be catching up on, let’s run down summer 2020’s potential prospects…or what’s left of them, anyway.

Bold is Funimation and friends, underline is Crunchyroll and strikethrough is anything behind a paywall (HiDive, Amazon, Netflix). All details are correct as of this post and if you need to consult the spring post for earlier thoughts, see this. Best to worst as per usual.

The Good Stuff (New and Carryovers from Spring)

[Insert “good s***” memes here.]

  • Deca-Dence: A new anime by the director I’ve kept my eye on since Death Parade and Mob Psycho? Sign me up!
  • Fugou Keiji (restart date: July 16): Now that I know what I’m in for, I can’t wait until it’s back!…Well, I say that, but I do have to wait another month. Safety of the people comes before a single anime fan’s vested interests. See spring post.
  • Appare Ranman (restart date: unknown): See spring post.
  • Idolish7 s2 (restart date: unknown): See spring post.
  • No Guns Life s2 (restart date: unknown, although month confirmed to be July): Pushed back due to COVID-19 and it took a fairly high spot there despite its shakiness. See spring post for more.
  • Gibiate: I worry about how this will be received, considering its circumstances mirror COVID-19, but I liked Seraph of the End anyway despite the circumstances, so the signs are fairly positive.
  • Fruits Basket s2 (dub only on Funi): In times like this, sometimes you need the steady healing presence of Furuba. See spring post for more.
  • Ikebukuro West Gate Park: I (erroneously) namechecked this instead of the similarly-named Ikebukuro West Game Park song from Hypnosis Mic in December and so I couldn’t resist the joke when they were slated to appear in the same season. Obviously, that’s not happening now but the joke can still be made, so it stays on my PTW.

Sidebar: Just to clarify what the joke is, I was thinking the Hypnosis Mic song could be the OP for the anime. The wind got taken out of my sails when it was announced Rhyme Anima, the Hypnosis Mic anime, had its own OP (the anime’s full title is “Hypnosis Mic – Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima” but the OP is Hypnosis Mic – Rhyme Anima –), which – to me – sounded like a typical anime OP based on the bit we got from the PV.

Ikebukuro West Game Park, on the other hand, hasn’t had its OP announced yet, so…anything can happen on that front…

  • Kanojo, Okarishimasu/Rent-a-Girlfriend: I dropped the manga (found it on MagaPoke, aka Magazine Pocket, a Japanese-language app which is thankfully legal, but has a gacha point system which you use to purchase chapters, and serialises Kodansha manga – i.e. potential Yen Press and Kodansha USA releases, including the 4 Hypnosis Mic manga) because the anime was coming anyway, so this better be good.

To Catch Up On

  • Muhyo and Roji’s SBI s2: Had to pause its s1 because the competition was stacked against it. Now all the competition is gone, for better or for worse…
  • Re: Zero s2: The biggest ticket is off the radar for one reason – I’m not caught up. I was hoping to watch the version that was running in winter 2020 before Fate/ did me in there and…to be honest, I still remember it was recommended by a friend in 2016 when the first season was airing. A quick Google says I can’t jump in blind because I’ve only finished up to LN vol. 4’s end.

Not Sure About, But May Have to Make Do With Due to COVID-19

  • God of High School: I skipped on Tower of God because people complain about the art and the only real webtoon I have experience with that hails from the Webtoon institution itself is Siren’s Lament, which is from the English side (I occasionally read Sleepless Domain, unDivine and Southern Cross though, if that’s of any interest and one day hope to get into some of the magical girl webcomics Naja recommended). God of High School‘s prospects look better than ToG‘s because it sounds like (and probably basically is, in all but source) a shonen anime.
  • Lapis Re:Lights: An odd combo of idol and fantasy…well, I’ve heard of a premise like it before which was done to appeal to me more, plus there was that bit of Mairimashita! Iruma-kun which focussed on idols, so it’s actually not that surprising when I think about it. However, knowing Idol Fantasy went down before it got on my radar doesn’t bode well for Lapis Re:lights.
  • Ochikobore Fruit Tart: Female idols and me don’t get along too well *looks suspiciously at Love Live* but it’s better than, say, one of the 4 (!!!) ecchi offerings…It looks like a HiDive show though, to be honest with you…

Other Stuff

  • Get Up! Get Live!: Something only I’m interested in…again. This could be a repeat of spring 2017 and winter 2018 where a TV short took my rankings by storm, or it could die out like summer 2017 where a TV short took the top spot and then never got licensed. It also has the voice actor appeal to it, most notably Kotaro Nishiyama (Boueibu‘s Atsushi, Noragami‘s Suzuha). These are chibi TV shorts though, so don’t hold your breath – those haven’t performed very well in the seasonal rankings, ever. (In fact, MahoYome – the last time I bothered with TV shorts in seasonal rankings before this – did terribly when it was around.)

Sidebar 2: Get Up! Get Live! is stand-up comedy x voice actors, so you could say it’s basically one of those things made for me – that name, for instance, can be shortened to Gera! Gera!, which is (give or take capitalisation, punctuation and spacing) onomatopoeia for laughter, not “*weak LOL*” but loud laughter.

Then again, as much as I like to hype things up about this anime, I actually don’t have any experience with the series as of the time of writing this post…

  • Shika no Ou: I thought the novel I found of Moribito was quite cool so I was looking forward to this before I forgot about it, due to its being a movie (especially an upcoming movie in the time of COVID-19, meaning its box office prospects – if any – aren’t going to look too good and I might never get access to it if it’s managed by Funi and friends).
  • Umibe no Etranger: This was basically riding the coattails of the Given movie hype, before that got postponed. It sounds like a pleasant BL along the lines of Given and I get “Crunchyroll as licensor” vibes from it (well, they were stronger when this was not announced to be a movie), so I hope I can give it a chance.

So, while I catch up with the spring season, what’s on your radar for summer 2020?


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  1. I just checked Summer 2020 and this might be the summer were I watch nothing. The only series I’ll be continuing is “Fruits Basket” and “Ahiru no Sora”… but hey the pickings don’t look quite so good so maybe I won’t miss out? At least I know the aniblogging community will let me know if I do!

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