#AniTwitWatches Round 6: The Perfect Insider 5 – 6

Previous Episodes

Episode 5

  • I don’t know where the “It isn’t.” is attached to.
  • Well…at least the shirt is plot-relevant, now.
  • *Moe eats plain toast* – Wow, plain bread??? Isn’t that…dry?
  • Where would someone store a severed hand? It reminds me of a case in Detective Conan where someone had a storage compartment and basically it was disguised as part of them (their torso, to be precise) but then Ran/Rachel saw them from the back…I don’t remember much else of that case, but there’s no one like that in this case. Update: After episode 6, it’s possible they stored the hand in the elevator.
  • There appears to be a dark patch in the shape of a cat on a nearby building…I dunno why I noticed that, but I did.
  • Are those jellyfish in the back? I noticed they’ve been put on loop.
  • *stuff about contradicting yourself as a child but then when being an adult, you have a single personality* Hmm…I guess you could say that about society as well? At first, we’re allowed to embrace our individuality, but then when you start to work, you lose that individuality for the sake of repeatedly doing similar tasks. (…You can tell I was reading Bulls*** Jobs by David Graeber recently, can’t you?)

Episode 6

  • That’s basically a Zoom meeting Yukihiro Yamane (for some reason, he’s said his full name so many times, I can’t think of him as “Yukihiro” – either it’s “Yamane” or his full name) is holding, right…?
  • Is that…Windows Media Player, circa 2004? Or VLC Media Player? I remember using an interface that looked something like that before on an older computer…
  • How can Yamane do all this blackmail and stuff with a straight face…?
  • This new shirt is a whale (kujira). I’ve noticed he doesn’t seem to change his jacket or his pants, just his T-shirts…*sigh* Men’s hygiene…(Then again, I haven’t been much better under lockdown conditions when I didn’t need to attend a Zoom meeting, either, so that’s a bit hypocritical of me.)
  • I don’t think there was much of a fight between Moe and Saikawa…just a conflict of opinions.
  • These jellyfish look…awkward.

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