Amagi Brilliant Park: Maybe Brilliant, Maybe Not…(TBR/W Post)

Some of the references in this might have gone over my head…

It’s been a bit of a while since the last TBR/W tag post, huh? Anyways, here’s where we’re at:

Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist

Amagi Brilliant Park <<<< current

Garo – Vanishing Line

Inari Kon Kon, Koi Iroha.


Clockwork Planet

Outbreak Company <<<< next

No Game, No Life 

Acchi Kocchi

New Game!

I obviously skipped some to get here, but that’s because I was trying to get it watched for an AniList Watching Club challenge (plus a bunch of other challenges they host).

Amagi‘s a bit of a challenge to write about because all I really have for it are scattered thoughts, so I’ll start with the big one: Is an anime good after an integral part of its creation is gone?

Hypothetically, the answer is yes, because if an anime’s legacy manages to outlive its creator, then by all means it’s a great one for the archive. I mean, Shakespeare or the many composers such as Beethoven wouldn’t be so popular if their works didn’t outlive them, right?

I think that’s a big thing to ask when it comes to this, considering Yasuhiro Takemoto was one of the guys who was taken in the KyoAni arson case. It suddenly dawned on me as I was watching the credits rolling by (as the director, his name is last) and after that, it was as if some unseen curtain of depressing…stuff…was draped over it. All those people who were demanding a season 2, if they were specifically asking for the original director to return, won’t get that and I think that’s massively disappointing. (Well, I started watching Fairy Tail partially as a point of comparison to Amagi, and Amagi won more likes on its activity, even though Fairy Tail is probably watched by more people overall…then again, considering the 73% it had when I was looking at its AniList page, that might just be my small sample size working against me, though.)

Even with something like Rurouni Kenshin, the creator is still alive – just a criminal – but if one thing has become apparent in these times of coronavirus, it’s that a life that is lost cannot be regained, lest we suffer weird consequences like in all those stories about cloning, zombies and so on…

As for the show itself, it’s alright, but after the shininess of the fact Seiya is named after Kanye West (etc., but that’s the most memorable one for me…because that’s why I was watching it!) wore off, I don’t think there’s much that makes it stand out, aside from its creator also being the guy who did Full Metal Panic (and so it gets away with doing ripoffs of FMP‘s mascot). Its signature brand of humour – Isuzu pointing a gun at characters and park mascots doing crazy things like drinking until they pass out – only really gave me a chuckle every so often, but it was good enough that I could pay attention to 14 episodes (if you count that OVA with Spanish subtitles I managed to dig up from the depths of the internet, because I sure as heck ain’t getting a HiDive subscription for one filler episode…) without actively trying to dodge it in the process, like I did for Aegis of Uruk. I think that’s because it was quite predictable what niches certain characters would take after a while – such as Macaron doing heavy metal – although it didn’t get to the point where I could drop it based on how predictable it was.

Also, if you were looking for romance options – because there was some dormant love triangle going on with Seiya, Latifah and Isuzu – I’ve seen some stuff around shipping Isuzu and Seiya, but none for Latifah and Seiya…which is kind of odd, considering Latifah is his reason for sticking around the park so darn much and the final episode implies there might be more than that there too…maybe I’m just reading into it because interpreting that hug as a pseudo-romance ending does have its appeal to it and that did get me more emotionally invested than the sorta-apathy I described a paragraph ago, but *shrugs* whatever floats your boat, people.

Heck, I didn’t suddenly expect to have 700-ish words on Amagi – the reason the post is structured the way it is is because I couldn’t figure out how to approach it. Then again, randomness is the heart and soul of comedy, so maybe this free-flowing style fits a post about Amagi well.

So, Amagi fans, if you’re out there, speak up – what do you like about the series? (Are the light novels out there in English? I swear Shoji Gatoh hates my guts because there was a Chinese copy of a light novel of Full Metal Panic in the manga library…my Chinese skills are hella rusty right now…)

3 thoughts on “Amagi Brilliant Park: Maybe Brilliant, Maybe Not…(TBR/W Post)

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  1. It goes in and out of my top 10 list, depending on mood. It was right in my humor wavelength for some reason.

    I also liked its fidelity to its core concept.

    But when I tried to come up with why I liked it, I felt like I ran into the same issue you did in your post. All sorts of ideas presented themselves, but they didn’t fit together.

    I’ll have to think about why — might be an interesting insight in there somewhere!

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  2. I thought the first episode was one of the funniest first episodes I’ve ever seen. But unfortunately I didn’t think the show was able to keep that up afterwards, so the rest of the anime I remember being just average.

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