#AniTwitWatches Round 6: The Perfect Insider 7 – 8

Previous eps.


Episode 7

  • Oh! The episodes are called “chapters”! I don’t think I’ve documented that before.
  • Are those taxidermied butterflies in the background…?
  • The subs said “him”, but I’m fairly sure they were referring to Shiki…hmm. Typo?
  • That proboscis monkey in the background is sort of distracting me. It’s right next to Saikawa, so it’s kind of unavoidable though…
  • “I’m just interested in watching anime.” – LOL, dat me right there…yeah, I’m kind of kidding. If I were Shimada, I’d have a better life than the one I have right now for sure. Plus, I don’t have much of an interest in a guy I can’t quite get the thought process of (and have never seen at work as a programmer either). <- (referring to Saikawa)
  • I don’t get why there aren’t that many modest options in swimwear these days…that’s been a problem for at least a few years running. (You can tell I don’t really like swimming.)
  • I…think I understand why people don’t animate Goodnight Punpun now. The designs don’t lend themselves easily to animation and unless you do the rainbow thing like this Aiko, it’s not very colourful either.
  • Come to think of it, I was never any good at journals. I think blogging suits me better because I have an audience I can warm up to over time.
  • Oh, I just had a stray thought…What if we had Tadashi Hiramatsu (the Yuri!!! On Ice character designer) do his work on this show instead? How different would it look?(!)
  • “Out, damned spot! Out, I say!” – Lady Macbeth…I did say in the Discord if you play me a song enough times, I can memorise it. It’s the same with quotes and other things that get drilled into me (although I did learn one song for piano so much I ended up memorising how to play it…and then I continued to play it so much that I eventually forgot it from overmemorisation.)

Episode 8

  • Those designs in the back remind me of Hetalia.
  • Ohhhhhhh…romantic rivals, eh? *raises eyebrows*
  • Is it corruption of the police if they’re keeping stuff secret for everyone else’s sake? Or is police corruption just nasty ol’ corruption?
  • Well, the dawn really is purple in this episode…so there’s one thing.
  • LOL…Remember how I said Red Magic looked like Unix?
  • You’d think that hanging around with a computer programmer would’ve taught Moe a thing or two about cybersecurity. I know this is the 90s, where computing wasn’t hugely popular, but still…
  • It’s said a person is born every 3 minutes and a person dies every 7…With COVID-19, the numbers should be different, though.
  • Hey…the “Perfect Insider” that the English title alludes to could be the Trojan, right?(!)
  • “Miki” is written with the characters for “future”. (See the Wikipedia page if you don’t believe me.)
  • I get the feeling (Shiki) Magata wore gloves because she couldn’t stand the sight of blood on her hands and because she’s a clean freak after her parents’ murder. Y’know, “out, damned spot! Out, I say!” and all that.
  • What’s up with the ostriches…?
  • There’s a typo in the BIOS text…”comporessed” (sic). Also, instead of Apple, there’s a bitten leaf.
  • What are the coloured stri…oh! It’s a record player! Those are vinyls.
  • Phones are just tiny computers, y’know. Android code is written in Java, I think it was…?

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  1. Several of your comments had me laughing lol.

    What did you think of that lengthy English scene in episode 7? I personally think that’s one of the more impressive aspects of the show, the fact that they even attempted it I mean. I don’t think there are any other anime that have done that before (for so long I mean).


    1. Hmm…It’s quite impressive. The pronunciation is mostly fine, aside from hallmarks of katakana like “kyaracteristics” and some odd pauses. (I watched that scene on mute at first, so I didn’t even notice it was in English until I found it again after you pointed it out.) Most of the early work on computing was done in the US – I think there’s stuff out there explaining the pains of having to develop Unicode for Asian languages – so that, plus Saikawa’s level as a university professor, actually explains quite well why he knows English.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree, some minor issues but the scene was very impressive. I think if they had gotten a native English VA (a big ask tbh) for Shiki’s sister it would have been a perfect scene. Still pretty awesome that they went for it though.


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