#AniTwitWatches Round 6: The Perfect Insider 9

You know when you set aside time to do Important Stuff that won’t take too long, so you procrastinate on everything – then you look back on that time and you realise you did almost nothing productive…? Yeah, that happened to me. That’s why this post is quite late in comparison to the usual.

(At least after you guys have finished commenting on the post, I should be able to focus on my Ode to Anime Studios post for later this week. I have the studio chosen, I just need to pull al the info together.)

Previous eps.


  • Hmm? I tried to skip through the OP and there’s a certain time when there are two Shikis and there’s what appears to be a butterfly between them…
  • Are those mecha on the back walls? Specifically, Gundams…?
  • There is clearly a poster for No. 6 in the back…Ah! No. 6 was a Noitamina show, which should explain its random presence. Hmm…that poster (1) there says “SMW” and “Super Machine…” under it (it’s cut off) – Googling that reveals it might be a Super Robot Wars parody.

  • Hah?! The reporter Gido knows Saikawa?!
  • I was reminded of something I ran across while wandering the internet (as I do) – apparently “haikyo” is the Japanese word for “ruins”, but it’s the term for urban exploration as well.
  • Googling “MOMONG” (which you see on one of the robot posters) reveals…nothing.
  • Just when it seems like Saikawa can put his high-horse butt to work…he gets back to square one.
  • Okay, if the killer is Michiru the robot, Deborah or some other automated thing from Shiki’s lab, then you can all pay me in subscriptions to anime and manga services. (<- This is just a crackpot idea that suddenly popped into my head, hence the payment – I don’t expect to be right.)
  • I knew she was pregnant – you know that from the spoiler note I dropped several episodes ago. I also happen to know, from the same thing, that Miki is the child of Shiki and hence she was the killer. However, what about the father…?
  • LOL, what the heck, Hasebe…slacking off, are we?
  • Ooh…something happened at 12:00 to cause the minute’s data to go missing. But…what?
  • Why was the time wrong? This means the killer must’ve known how to fiddle with the administrative settings of Red Magic, at the very least.
  • Eh…isn’t Saikawa always pale?
  • This is source code, huh? The increment equals integer probably indicates the time…Why was that variable in the mail system?…Ah, it’s global. Global integers are notorious for being annoying, because if you stuff with one and it’s connected to other stuff in the system, you stuff with everything. Having lots of global integers is what you’d call a “code smell” for this reason. (One of the higher-level IT things I did get drilled into my brain, before I left that path, was OOP – object-oriented programming – and that absolutely lived and breathed this stuff.) Update: Notably, the time itself, as a numeric variable, is allowed to be global because so much other stuff relies on it, but if it’s for opening the door, then that looks more fishy.
  • …intelligent characters in media kind of piss me off, but then so do stupid characters. See, stupid shonen heroes are a dime a dozen because they’re both funny and possibly relatable. Intelligence, like the absence of things, is harder to portray unless you use something simple like the galaxy brain meme. Intelligent characters often come across as uppity (see: Sheldon Cooper) because of their intelligence too, which is why they’re so hard to execute writing-wise without pissing someone off.
  • The code in the ED (what appears to be Red Magic BIOS and normal operation code) appears to be based on C. That would make sense, because most OSs are written in some form of C IIRC.

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