10 Anime I’m Excited for in 2020

Essentially my take on this list.

Meta note: This was written on the 16th of June 2020 as a way to build up content in advance (with some subsequent editing as changes arise), so with the changing situation, some of these season listings may already be out of date. They shouldn’t be too much later than spring 2021, though.

I haven’t dealt much with most of the big sequels that are showing up these days (Kaguya-sama, Re:Zero, SAO) so…let’s run down some names. Of course, everything from this post is already on the table (either for actually airing or being pushed back), so you already know maybe some of what’s going to appear, and because the list I’m taking inspiration from doesn’t have any anime that were aborted due to COVID-19, I’m not going to do that here either. Note, because it’s 10 anime only, I haven’t revealed my entire hand for fall 2020 and will do a proper fall post when it comes.

Deca-Dence (summer 2020)

Yuzuru Tachikawa is back.

Muhyo and Roji’s BSI s2 (summer 2020)

Muhyo and Roji are back.

Hypnosis Mic – Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima (fall 2020, pushed back from summer)

The one and only. I haven’t been ranting almost endlessly about HypMic in the monthly round-up posts, or listening to the songs so much my Spotify On Repeat and Repeat Rewind sections are riddled with them, for nothing. The OP is a bit of a disappointment because there is basically no rap sound in the OP for a series that’s meant to be about rapping, but I expect at least some songs from the series to show up in the series proper.

Akudama Drive (fall 2020, pushed back from summer)

This shares Subaru Kimura with the previous anime…and it probably wouldn’t be a hype post without me finding Ume somewhere. The plot itself also looks pretty cool, kinda like Kabukicho Sherlock or Durarara!!.

Koi to Producer: EVOL x LOVE/Mr Love: Queen’s Choice (summer 2020)

Just announced yesterday for its seasonal slot (as of this post). I have no experience with the game, but man, I haven’t seen a otome muke game (I’m not sure if it’s a reverse harem or an otome game, but it might be one or none of those options) show up since Code: Realise...sure, there was Dame x Pri, but I had to jump ship on it…same with Stand My Heroes, which is…decent, but so full of characters it’s a bit awkward trying to get your head around them all. 

The series might be trying too much between the TV program and the superpowers, but if it can balance the two, then it should be solid because MAPPA is handling those visuals.

Honorable mentions…

Golden Kamuy s3 (fall 2020)

Stuff’s still good if everyone’s still on the hunt for that gold.

Gibiate (summer 2020)

Yoshitaka Amano is back. Also, they’re trying to do an entire Cool Japan sort of thing with the shamisen collaboration and everything…I wonder if I should be worried…

No Guns Life s2 (summer 2020, pushed back from spring – debut date: July 9)

NGL needs another season to make sure it executes its plotlines and themes properly…and here it comes…

Ikebukuro West Gate Park (fall 2020, pushed back from summer 2020)

Part of an elaborate HypMic joke explained in detail in the summer 2020 post…which now works again since both have been pushed back. Also a genuinely interesting thing for me…although I expect at the bare minimum a Buster Bros!! (Ikebukuro division from HypMic) crossover, either fan-made or official, for this.

I’m Standing on a Million Lives (fall 2020)

That title and premise seem interesting. I have no experience with the series yet, but I think it can be purchased from my local bookstore.

What are some of the anime I didn’t cover in the summer post that you’re looking forward to?




5 thoughts on “10 Anime I’m Excited for in 2020

Add yours

  1. Fire Force Season 2 is on my list. I know Tamaki is a challenge, but Maki isn’t! And I have to admit I admire Shinra’s spirit.

    Note sure what to think of Gibiate…

    If I’m honest, I’m scared to start Re:ZERO. The first season hit my strike zone, especially with Rem and Ram, so I’m not sure how even the second season will compare.

    I’m embarrassed to admit it, and I don’t know a lot about the show, but The Misfit of Demon King Academy caught my attention. I really liked Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou and The Irregular at Magic High, and I hope it’ll be something between those two shows.

    Have you heard anything about it?


    1. I remember there was a comment for Gibiate saying they would put it out /despite/ the virus theme. I couldn’t find that comment when I looked for it again on Anime News Network…

      I’ve heard it’s an ecchi and it was pushed back from spring, but otherwise I don’t really know about it, outside of it being a Shousetsuka ni Narou series. Sorry. (You might be able to chase up the source LN or manga though.)

      Liked by 1 person

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