Ode to Anime Studios – David Production

Well, I’ve seen a few things from this studio…but I don’t actually know much about them, aside from their reputation with the Jojo series.

With the anime marathon adding Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 1 to my list, that means I’ve at least sampled Cells at Work, Fire Force, Ensemble Stars, Sagrada Reset, Book of Bantorra and Jojo’s. Obviously, that’s not their entire line-up of offerings, but it gives a good indication of what the studio is capable of. Their website says “[w]e can adapt to various animation styles” (David Production, 2008) and that was very, very true of Fire Force, which blew away the sakuga community when it first aired…and then the controversy around the Lucky Lecher Lure caused things to go awry…(Not that it stopped the anime from getting a 2nd season anyway. *shrugs*)

David Production was founded in 2007 – they don’t reveal an exact date, but the Japanese site does reveal the month was September (David Production, 2008). The name stands for “design audio and visual illusion dynamics” while simultaneously summoning the idea of David and Goliath, contrasting their smaller studio against the larger studios present in the industry. Their head is Koji Kajita, who previously worked at Studio Gonzo (David Production, 2008). Apparently, their pride and joy is being able to do co-productions and “overcoming international production communication issues” (David Production, 2008), to the point where they dedicate an entire section of their English website to said co-productions. On the Japanese site, they instead opt to introduce themselves through pictures of their studio, which is an interesting contrast in priorities…because there’s nothing explicitly talking about co-productions on the Japanese site.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming 2.43…mostly because of Ume, sure, but also because David Production hasn’t had a muddy-looking series since Book of Bantorra. Outside of that and Cells at Work!! (I didn’t realise this until I looked closely at the credits, but Black is being done at Lidenfilms)…okay, okay. I admit Cells at Work is my favourite, but that’s because I’ve gotten the furthest with it and there’s nothing much that can be done about that (except maybe watching the others so that the statement is no longer true or getting a subscription to some service so I can try to get more access to more anime).

Do you still remember the poll I introduced one time? Here’s what I intended to do with the poll all along: what studio do you want to see me tackle next? (The poll will close on July 12 at midnight. I don’t know whose time zone that is, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.)

I also am running a poll on Twitter with the same question (I started collecting votes for it a few days before this post went live) so more people have the chance to vote (although this runs the risk of duplicate votes, which, considering the low vote count on my previous polls, I’m also willing to take that). If the results are different (or there’s a draw on one or both of the polls), the results of the poll on this post takes precedence, but if this post is unpopular, then that’s what the Twitter poll is for. (I tend to overthink my wording when it comes to tweets and didn’t fix my error because I didn’t want to invalidate the votes that came in a few seconds after tweeting, but I meant “post series” rather than “blog series”.)



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