Venus Project: Climax Lives Up to Its Name

...It does, in a way. At first glance, Venus Project: Climax sounds like some kind of hentai, but it's not...and with only 6 episodes, it doesn't have much time to waste. The Anime Watching Club Boss Battle is to blame for this post. See, as of the time I write this, it's dealt me idol,... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Round 7: Rolling Girls 5 – 6

Shachihoko puns ahoy! Previous eps. Eps 1 - 2 Eps 3 - 4 Episode 5 Disney Princess Chiaya! Calling it now. Why does this girl have a koala on her shoulder? Okay, so the gold fish-thing is a shachihoko. It’s (obviously) Mie Motors because Mie is a part of the Kansai region, which contains (but... Continue Reading →

Unpopular Opinions Time (Tag Post)

Thanks to Mari for the tag. Disclaimer: The title warned you what this is about already, so if you don't want internet arguments, it's best you head to a different post. Also, there are vague spoilers in the love triangle bit (and large spoilers in the alternate answer) - but if I told you what... Continue Reading →

Ode to Anime Studios – Gainax

Thanks to everyone who voted in that poll I ran. I’m not sure if you noticed the poll on the previous Ode post took precedence, but Gainax had the 2nd place position on the Twitter poll anyway. If you wanted to know (or didn’t see the Must-read Monthly Monday for this month), Trigger was the... Continue Reading →

Behold, the Universe is Full of Blessings!

Now that we're in our own version of the apocalypse...what did Owari no Seraph, Parasyte and others predict about the end? Meta note: This Planet With post finally came to life by splicing it with a more stream-of-consciousness kind of post which covers several anime (I called it "[an] Irina-like post") I had in my drafts.... Continue Reading →

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