Why I Blog For Myself

It’s that question again: who do we blog for?

Meta note: This was, for the most part, written about this time last year (for readers in the future, “this time last year” means about July 2019). Therefore, some of the things I say in it may be out of date already, especially with people coming back to blogging due to COVID-19.

Once again, it worries me that I once again pull an idea from Karandi’s post but she hasn’t shown up in a while…or was it that COVID-19 quarantine has stuffed with my sense of time so much, this merely feels like a while?

After seeing beloved bloggers move to other blogs earlier this year, my first thought was that we were starting to lose bloggers before the 2 year mark. (I sometimes think of blogs as being part of “generations” if they started around the same time, so essentially we’re losing bloggers from the same or similar generation.) I know for sure at this point Auri will leave in 2020, but the bloggers I’m thinking of haven’t 100% left their blogs…yet.

Irina then explained her move to 100 Word Anime and that left me thinking: who is it that I blog for? She’s covered this question on her own blog but I didn’t think of an answer then…and rather, why should one blog for themselves?

The answer I came up with, upon reflection, was this.

I write for myself because I don’t like to be tied down.

I once thought of writing for Angry Anime Bitchesbut then promptly gave up and closed the tab.

As soon as I thought of having to write only in the review format, my brain went, “Nup.”

My spelling is stellar for the most part and my grammar might need a bit of work, but the important thing about me is that I’d rather not be beholden to other people’s whims – I make my own rules and move at my own pace when I want to, thank you very much.

I write for myself because that’s what I’m used to.

I started as a solo blogger and intend to go down in history as one…unless, of course, you get me a proper paying job to use those skills. Even so, I’m no journalism student – the most I have to my name is essays – and the personal angle, plus my various questionably-legal dealings with scanlations and the like which I confess to means there’s almost no way I could use this as a portfolio for a social media manager or anime columnist job anyway.

I write for myself because then, the only enemy is myself.

If I make a mistake on anyone else’s blog, they have to pick up my problems and deal with them. I’m an overthinking type of person who doesn’t like burdening others but is also overbearing if people have to do things my way, so either way, I’m going to torment whoever works with me (either by apologising too much or me just being me). Sure, the only one who really understands what it’s like to write weekly for this blog is myself, but then I reap all the rewards too.

Generally, my approach is “talk about what I want and the followers will come”…and, I crept over the 300 follower mark in June, so I must be doing something right!

So who do you blog for, bloggers, or for the non-bloggers, who would you write comments for?





6 thoughts on “Why I Blog For Myself

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  1. I thought I liked this already but I guess I got distracted again!
    I write for myself, with a hope that I resonate with people so I can make new friends and find new people to talk to. With varying degrees of success. I still feel like a bit of an oddball but by writing I also accept more that that’s me. This is how my mind works and people can come see and read the true me! I am not always able to express it in reality as I have to hide so many things there..some even for my own saftey.

    So I write to for me, to be me and it has helped my writing but it has hurted interactions and likes and such a bit . It was still a route I had to choose because I for a while became obsessed with what others feel about me. I drove myself stir crazy figuring other bloggers resent me and only act polite to me because it’s socially acceptable thing to do. It’s how my brain works and I can not turn that off. For example I do think a few Owl members hate me.. which is most likely not true.. but the devil on my shoulder doesn’t go away. Now that I write for myself rather than the community I can let it go a bit more though. So She/he hates me.. I had fun writing anyway. I can’t turn of that devil but I can make it matter less.

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  2. I blogged to make money for a while. Then all that imploded and I went back to living life and writing stories and novels. For the last few years I only blogged if something got stuck in my head and I had to write it down to get it out. Now I blog a little more to share anime, books, games that make me want to write about them and share them, and now and then, still, because something is stuck in my head but these days I think twice or three times before I share any more serious thoughts. I just don’t know that the world really needs my opinion, and I’m sure I don’t really care about the world’s opinion of my opinion. That has changed slightly now that I’ve found a few bloggy friends here, so I may share “me” a bit more. But I really do write for me, and to shut up the voices in my head.

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  3. I guess you could say I blog for myself. My blogging was started on a whim and I didn’t know where to go. When I tried episode reviews it was exhausting and I stopped after covering two series. It lead to a point of me overworking myself. After a while, I tried to think even if I didn’t have much to get in return. Clearing my mind helps. Now I’m trying to branch out to other topics bit by bit with a different approach because I want to find where I can go. Having followers too does help, but I like it better when everything is written for me.

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  4. It’s become half and half for me. Myself and the following that has built alongside. Becoming apparent people got sad because they were dying to see a post from you, it’s makes me laugh people have felt that way about my blog and other things I do on interwebs. I’ve found the balance to fulfill both ends for myself what I want to put out and bringing some enjoyment for people that follow you.

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