Summer 2020 First Impressions: It’s All a Bit Muddled

Between all these virtual cons at unreasonable hours (but reasonable US hours), a few new shows which exist on the periphery coming into the fray and delayed simulcasts showing up again…wouldn’t you say it’s all a bit muddled too?

Page jumps are geting harder to wrangle as the editor continues to evolve, so I’m skipping them and changing my posts to match. I think I’ll do things like Scott this time and specify where I’m getting my episodes from.

This post contains:

  1. Get Up! Get Live! (TV short)
  2. Misfit of Demon King Academy
  3. Healin’ Good PreCure (ongoing from winter)
  4. Lapis Re:Lights

The rest of my lineup is:

  1. God of High School
  2. Muhyo and Roji’s BSI s2 (one reason I’m behind on seasonals is because I was watching s1)
  3. Fruits Basket s2 (continuing, starting from ep. 14)
  4. Deca-Dence
  5. No Guns Life s2
  6. Rent-A-Girlfriend
  7. Gibiate
  8. Extra Olympia Kyklos (...? See below for more details.)

Held over from spring, and still taking up spots:

  • Millionaire Detective (won’t show up for me until about Aug. 6)
  • Appare-Ranman! (won’t show up for me until about Jul. 30)
  • Idolish7 s2 (no idea when it’s going to show)

Just for my reference, these still need to be finished for a spring wrap-up post to be released:

  • Bakarina (eps 2 – 12)
  • Wave (eps 3 – 12)
  • Sing Yesterday for Me (eps 2 – 12)
  • Fruits Basket s2 (eps 8 – 13)

Get Up! Get Live! (ep 0 – 1)

See it on the official YouTube (no English unless you want YouTube’s auto-translated subtitles).

I wouldn’t recommend watching something without subs if it’s got a thousand words per minute (or what seems to be like that). Episode 0, surprisingly, has no chibis (dodged one bullet there, I guess…?) and is more akin to standard character introductions in a way I’d expect virtual YouTubers to do things but it’s quite clear from how their banter sailed over my head and how it only had one of those name/seiyuu introduction tags for each character that this is for established fans. The real ep. 1 had chibis, but was 1 minute 30 seconds.

To put it simply…you ever watched one of those stand-up comedy shows and never got the joke? That’s what this was like.



Healin’ Good PreCure (ep 13 – 14)

See it on Crunchyroll.

I watched the first 2 episodes without subs when they went live on the official PreCure YouTube channel. (When I bothered with torrents years ago, I also watched at least one episode of most PreCure seasons, most notably finishing Suite after consulting a “Which PreCure series should you start with?” quiz.) Those episodes only introduced Nodoka (Cure Grace) and the fairies while setting up Chiyu and Hinata to later be Cures, so to bridge the gap, I can either read the wiki or catch up when the backlog goes live.

Episode 13 was a typical “character doubts themself” one, but it’s the first PreCure simulcast we’ve ever had with legal English subs, so it’ll be an episode I remember for quite a while.

Episode 14 focussed on the Sukoyaka Festival and laid down the foreshadowing of Cure Earth (which I read about on the wiki when checking Hinata’s Cure name…sorry).



Misfit of Demon King Academy (ep 1)

See it on Crunchyroll.

I was somehow under the impression this was an ecchi, but while it seems to have harem trappings, there’s no ecchi in sight.

This is a fairly standard reincarnation isekai-style anime, where the twist is the demon king reincarnates and goes to Demon King Academy…which is either for learning the Demon King’s magic or vanquishing said King (it’s not made clear). It’s nothing spectacular, but considering how empty the season looks (and the fact this was pushed back) I held on long enough to finish the first episode. The colours are pretty, though, and that push may have caused a brief spot of sakuga.

Show-specific notes:

  • This anime has subpar control of comedic beats. If a joke doesn’t have time to land, it automatically fails.
  • Zepes is a chuunibyou. Calling it now. Likewise, his brother Leorg looks like Hakuto (Demon Lord, Retry!). Or Waver from Fate/ with his fringe slicked back
  • The full Japanese title is nuts – just try to read it! -> Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha: Shijou Saikyou no Maou no Shiso, Tensei shite Shison-tachi no Gakkou e Kayou



Lapis Re:Lights (ep 1)

Watch it on AnimeLab, YouTube (region-locked) and Funimation.

I sarcastically ended up going, “Lemme guess…[predictable thing] will happen, right?” a few times (such as “[Character] and [other character] is a potential ship for people to swear by”). Ship-teasing ended up being the breaking point for me, because you either go all in, or you don’t – even when I finished the episode just to be merciful to the anime, I just got more exhausted sighing from myself and more tropes from it, including “the school will expel you if you fail once too many times”, “boob jiggle” and “the smart, snarky one and the stupid but athletic one get shipped together”.

Show-specific notes:

  • *with eyebrow raised* Why is one of the first lines in this show “My behind hurts!”?
  • *girls do magic experiment* – Get some protective gear!
  • Titi = Tiara. I didn’t actually figure that out until the 2nd time it was mentioned, because I thought it referred to the rabbits.
  • I had a few issues with the translation not being as faithful as it should be. Most notably, “Neechan, daikirai!” became (something along the lines of) “Forget you, big sister!”


Using the system from last time:


  • Keep a 7th show in place in case the others get delayed. If the conditions below are met, add more accordingly, but use backlog for any other positions.
  • If half the shows that make it (i.e. 3 shows) are affected by delays, introduce an 8th show. (Most of the delays are actually “booting down the road for fall” and/or have occurred already, so most of my summer picks should be in the clear.)
  • If all shows bar those already known to have wrapped up production safely (none so far) have delays, introduce a 9th show.
  • If any shows come back from postponement, pause the backup that gives the least satisfaction – generally this will be an anime that hasn’t ever made the top 6 in consistent weekly rankings, so I’ll need some to make my decision with.

Saving the spots for the spring anime leaves me with a maximum of 6 possible spots to be filled…6 out of 10 possible seasonal newcomers (since Fruits Basket has to keep its spot so I can finish the spring episodes) means I keep over half the anime I start.



  • Healin’ Good PreCure (4 eps)
  • [ – threshold of pausing/dropping – ]
  • Misfit of Demon King Academy (1 ep)


[none so far, although the above category threatens to spill over into this one]


  • Get Up! Get Live! (2 eps, TV short)
  • Lapis Re:Lights (1 ep)

If things continue to look bad, I’ve been considering taking Extra Olympia Kyklos after reading a Crunchyroll article on it (it also got hit by a COVID-19 delay, though). Otherwise…I’ll keep myself occupied with my backlog. Being behind, and apologising for it so much, is starting to stress me out, so I better do that…

So did I pass on anything good? For a refresher on the hype list, see this (even though it is slightly outdated due to COVID-19-related developments).

What do you think about this?

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