Summer 2020 First Impressions: Best ’til Last (?)


Page jumps are geting harder to wrangle as the editor continues to evolve, so I’m skipping them and changing my posts to match. I’ve also started linking where you can see the anime yourself, although that may only apply to certain regions.

The first post contained:

  1. Get Up! Get Live! (TV short)
  2. Misfit of Demon King Academy
  3. Healin’ Good PreCure (ongoing from winter)
  4. Lapis Re:Lights

The next post contained:

  1. God of High School
  2. Muhyo and Roji’s BSI s2 (one reason I’m behind on seasonals is because I was watching s1)
  3. Fruits Basket s2 (continuing, starting from ep. 14)
  4. Deca-Dence

This post contains:

  1. No Guns Life s2
  2. Rent-A-Girlfriend
  3. Gibiate
  4. Mr Love: Queen’s Choice
  5. Super HxEros (…okay, I’ll explain this illogical-seeming choice when we get there.)

Held over from spring, and still taking up spots:

  • Millionaire Detective (won’t show up for me until about Aug. 6)
  • Appare-Ranman! (won’t show up for me until about Jul. 30)
  • Idolish7 s2 (no idea when it’s going to show)

Just for my reference, these still need to be finished for a spring wrap-up post to be released:

  • Bakarina (eps 2 – 12)
  • Wave (eps 3 – 12)
  • Sing Yesterday for Me (eps 2 – 12)
  • Fruits Basket s2 (eps 8 – 13)

No Guns Life (s2 ep 1/ep 13)

See it on Funimation, AnimeLab, Hulu and YouTube (region-locked).

The plot keeps moving…so if you got through s1, you’re going to be fine here too. Tetsuro gets kidnapped again (nay), but we also learn about Mary’s brother (yay!).

I forgot Tetsuro doesn’t have as many mouth flaps as other people…and the CGI gets significantly worse than s1, so if you don’t like that and don’t like the story, you’d best get this off your docket. Fast.

Show-specific notes:

  • Is that a PlayStation Vita? In a dystopia?
  • There is such a thing as “no gender”, y’know? At the very least, think of the poor hand as non-binary…
  • I never knew disembodied cyber-hands had personal attachments to people…haha.
  • …*about the ED* – *long silence* What. Did. I. Just. See? That looks horrendous! Like someone made a fighting game out of this show and then put it to a hard rock soundtrack! (Which…isn’t too far off the mark, to be honest.)



Rent-A-Girlfriend (ep 1)

See it on Crunchyroll and VRV.

Tried ch. 1 of the manga, I actually dropped it based on the fact it was getting an anime soon. Nonetheless, here we are so here we go.

It seems to be playing it fairly close to the manga so far, up to and including the reveal at the end of the episode. There was a tad more foreshadowing though if I’m remembering everything correctly and I think that worked for the better.

This is how I thought I’d react to Super HxEros (and the reaction is quite similar), really – being of two minds between the bits I do like and the bits I think are overly male gaze-y/sexual.

Show-specific notes:

  •  …Kazuya’s voice is annoying. I’m muting from here on out.
  • *sees Sega on a sign* – How did Sega not sue this show?
  • Toshima (Toshiba), LOL. Update: I think it also means “middle-aged lady” with the right kanji, too.
  • Kazuya makes the rental service sound like compensated dating (enjo kousai), which is a very problematic industry.
  • Those tetras made the symbolism of the couple pretty darn blatant, like I was being bashed over the head with a sledgehammer of themes.
  • Come to think of it, this reminds me of Chobits…and Ah My Goddess…and the 90s/early 2000s anime in general where the girl basically becomes a servant to the man for some reason or other…Those weren’t very good days for women’s empowerment, for sure.
  • “FastTime”, LOL.
  • LOL, that scene re: sex wasn’t in the manga, IIRC. Maybe it was in a later chapter…? The bit about the grandma admiring Chizuru’s body (yes, that’s the gist of what’s said in Japanese!) was in there, though.
  • …all the stuff that’s framed as being sexual…it’s basically a harem…and that’s basically what this show becomes, based on the visual of 4 girls.
  • We’re lucky we didn’t get a panty shot there…at least from my perspective.
  • Have you never, ever heard of an introvert?! Humans are social creatures, sure, but the internet allows people to coexist better without each other these days, especially in this time of social distance.



Gibiate (ep 1)

See it on Crunchyroll and VRV.

Here cometh the Epidemic Anime, in the middle of an epidemic…(can I make a “Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked” joke without being tasteless?… Yeah, probably not.)

That comment aside, I get the feeling the staff should have waited to put their anime out, like most of the other anime that got the boot to fall, because this smells a lot like Angolmois in that shortcuts show up (including some very obvious CGI), things get explained a few times, even after the audience was just introduced to that stuff a few minutes ago (even without the ad break in the middle) and there’s my old pal Shaky Cam to liven things up.

The paper for the next ep shot was nice and that OP is distinctive, in a nice way. I’m also worried Kathleen will become The Token Girl among these dudes (barring her mother, who was said to have gone off the deep end already), although like with most shonen adaptions and a bunch of other anime, I can live with it…*secretly ogles the men* In that sense, Yoshitaka Amano knows where it’s at! Remember Vampire Hunter D, guys? Same deal.

…alright, I’ll own up: this is a dumpster-fire, but a highly entertaining one (and it’s so earnest and non-ecchi/rom-com in its efforts that I could keep it in my lineup and no one would bat an eyelid).

Show-specific notes:

  • The Keicho era seems to have actually existed. No one talks about the Keicho era…not even the Japanese, it seems.
  • I don’t remember if this thing was funded by Cool Japan, but it kind of seems like that was the case…
  • *browses website* – Oh, Yuzo Koshiro! He’s from the Wangan Midnight arcade game (…there’s several, so I’m referring to all of them). So you can get a sample of his work, here’s my favourite OST track from Wangan Midnight: Maximum Tune 5 (also on Spotify!).



Mr Love: Queen’s Choice (ep 1)

See it on Crunchyroll and VRV.

Tried a bit of the game (1-1 to 1-4, which introduces you to the first boy Kiro). Rumour has it the source material is a Chinese game, but I’m not sure about that. The names differ between Japanese and English, such as Simon/Lucien, and there are some written- out trademarks, such as YouTube and Pringles. Chapter 1 of the game is called “Final Program”, at least from my understanding of things.

This is like a positive spin on Gibiate. It doesn’t help I watched those two premieres back-to-back…so basically, it’s cheesy and a bit tropey, but I could probably watch it through without too much trouble. People who aren’t in the demographic who fawn over good-looking dudes and/or superpowers might find themselves thinking this is a bit sub-par, though.

Show-specific notes:

  • I vastly prefer the Japanese name of this, because this English name sounds kinda hokey.
  • LOL, of course they’d choose Charles Darwin for a superpower thing like this…
  • Dudes with Improbable Ages for their Profession…how tropey for this genre, but also how cheesy.
  • LOL, whose idea was it to make a codename “BS”…?
  • *sees little squares representing the episodes* – That’s a nice touch.



Super HxEros (ep 1)

See it on AnimeLab and Funimation.

Okay, I can explain why I have the mega-ecchi show on my docket now and not earlier, when it actually debuted: Anime Feminist showed me to another hot boy (explicitly described as “dressed inappropriately”, which will make you laugh at me for taking that bait, the writer of that review for describing him that way…or both). Notably, last time this happened, the dude was already dead (no spoilers on who that refers to, find out yourself)…However, these are strange times and I’ll take what I can get.

…Turns out I am half-kicking myself with that choice. For one thing, that’s Rettou’s uncle I thought was hot. For another thing, as soon as the cohabitation bombshell showed up, I started screaming internally, because I…unfortunately(?) To my surprise (?)…enjoyed the episode otherwise (even if I do mean that in an “it’s cheesy and a shade away from a hatewatch” capacity), despite boob jiggle.

Really, it’s just a giant 90s harem with tokusatsu dressings and lotsa nudity.

If I choose to keep this on as a seasonal, it’s either going to be a really fun time or 24 minutes of me kicking myself each week…I know what I’m going to do.

Pause it.

Show-specific notes:

  • LOL, even the school is shaped like an H…
  • Why does the teacher look like a kid?!
  • I can’t help but notice the elemental names (Enjou has got to do with flames, Kirara is light and Momoka Momoyama – who I saw in an ad – is…something pink, like love). Kirara’s might, alternatively, be star-themed powers, based on her hair clip and the “cloud” kanji in her name.
  • So, it’s a parasite (kiseijuu), but with insects (the chuu bit). Even after the anime shows us the name is Kiseichuu, the subbers keep using Kiseishuu.
  • This thing is surprisingly landing everything it’s giving me. (Even the hot guy that I came for, which can’t be said for most comedies I read reviews for.)
  • …should I be disappointed Rettou’s clothes didn’t explode off him? Or not? *shrugs*
  • Okay, who threw sakuga into the cheese fest? (I don’t mean that in a bad way.)
  • Is that…Rettou’s 3 sizes? Uhh……..
  • Why does Pink have dog ears?!


Using the system from last time:

  • Keep a 7th show in place in case the others get delayed. If the conditions below are met, add more accordingly, but use backlog for any other positions.
  • If half the shows that make it (i.e. 3 shows) are affected by delays, introduce an 8th show. (Most of the delays are actually “booting down the road for fall” and/or have occurred already, so most of my summer picks should be in the clear.)
  • If all shows bar those already known to have wrapped up production safely (none so far) have delays, introduce a 9th show.
  • If any shows come back from postponement, pause the backup that gives the least satisfaction – generally this will be an anime that hasn’t ever made the top 6 in consistent weekly rankings, so I’ll need some to make my decision with.

Saving the spots for the spring anime leaves me with a maximum of 6 possible spots to be filled, so I gotta pause another 2.

Keepers (bolded are the ones which have the most chances of staying, based on what genre spaces they occupy)

  • God of High School (1 ep)
  • Deca-Dence (1 ep)
  • No Guns Life s2 (1 ep)
  • Healin’ Good PreCure (4 eps)
  • Fruits Basket s2 (8 eps, but going back for eps 8 – 13)
  • Muhyo and Roji’s BSI s2 (1 ep)
  • Koi to Producer (1 ep)
  • Gibiate (1 ep)


  • Super HxEros (1 ep)
  • Rent-a-Girlfriend (1 ep)
  • Misfit of Demon King Academy (1 ep)


  • Get Up! Get Live! (2 eps, TV short)
  • Lapis Re:Lights (1 ep)

So did I pass on anything good? For a refresher on the hype list, see this (even though it is slightly outdated due to COVID-19-related developments).

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