#AniTwitWatches Round 7: Rolling Girls 5 – 6

Shachihoko puns ahoy! Previous eps. Eps 1 - 2 Eps 3 - 4 Episode 5 Disney Princess Chiaya! Calling it now. Why does this girl have a koala on her shoulder? Okay, so the gold fish-thing is a shachihoko. It’s (obviously) Mie Motors because Mie is a part of the Kansai region, which contains (but... Continue Reading →

Unpopular Opinions Time (Tag Post)

Thanks to Mari for the tag. Disclaimer: The title warned you what this is about already, so if you don't want internet arguments, it's best you head to a different post. Also, there are vague spoilers in the love triangle bit (and large spoilers in the alternate answer) - but if I told you what... Continue Reading →

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