The “Underrated” Paradox (Or, How to Discover Rare Gems in Manga)

Initially I was replying to this status on the AniList global feed, so you need to read that to discover where I'm coming from. I haven't really been in the mood to blog new stuff recently (aside from a bunch of posts that don't seem to come together), between being forced back into lockdown and... Continue Reading →

Anime and Manga Budget Buys

The aim of this post, much like Naja’s Ballin’ on a Budget posts, is to promote deals. However, as you might know from browsing eBay, Amazon and the like, deals vary by currency and whatnot…so what’s a virtual con to do…? Since all our favorite conventions are canceled this summer because of the pandemic, OWLS... Continue Reading →

Why Read Manga?

I feel like I need to add more to this post by Nate (Manga Guy). Although I agree with Nate's words for the most part, there are some things that need correcting or just plain rebuttal. Then again, what can I say? This ain't the Animanga Spellbook for nothin'. Nate says people always demand more... Continue Reading →

Why I Blog For Myself

It's that question again: who do we blog for? Meta note: This was, for the most part, written about this time last year (for readers in the future, "this time last year" means about July 2019). Therefore, some of the things I say in it may be out of date already, especially with people coming... Continue Reading →

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