Quick Update Regarding the Rewatch Project

This relates to the (unofficial) rewatch project unveiled in this post and the removal of Sentai Filmworks titles.

Considering I’m in the midst of working on the AWC Boss Battle (more info on that here), it is unlikely I will be able to finish my rewatch of Tsuritama in time for the removal – especially given I don’t follow the American timezones as strictly as those who actually follow those timezones do. Kekkai Sensen is not affected by such a thing, so I’ll skip forward to that instead as planned.

I’m kinda disappointed by this – I started several of those soon-to-be-removed shows but never finished them. After thinking about it though, a lot of the ones I was working on were longer shows if I were to watch all the available content (UtaPri) and/or I hadn’t started on them yet, but could probably access them via HiDive (Shirobako), so I can afford to lose them if…one day…I gain the wherewithal to enable myself to spend as freely as I want on subscriptions, and most of them are shows I wouldn’t think much about after I finish watching them.

Tsuritama is the only one known to fall outside these limits as an Aniplex USA title (Aniplex has their current partnership with Funimation and friends, so it may cause Tsuritama to fall into limbo in the English market outside discs for a while) and while I have seen a disc of it around, I missed out on buying it because I was holding back due to my rewatch, so unless I can find a way to watch it again that doesn’t involve Crunchyroll, then my rewatch will have to be on indefinite hold. I can’t guarantee that a post will come of it due to this, either.

…I could have finished this rewatch earlier, but this was a wake-up call that the large bunch of new anime vying for my attention should come first, before I lose access to anything several years down the track.

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  1. If you do have access to HiDive, almost all of these titles /should/ go there for you. Hopefully you can enjoy the ones you want before they leave CR if they aren’t also on that platform.


    1. I did allude to the anime being on HiDive (unless I got rid of that while going on a small rant about how getting a job means you have all the income but no time to use subscriptions in and vice versa).

      …Now that I think of it, Shirobako and some other Sentai shows are on a different service which has the “one week wait until it’s free” system as well, so not everything is behind that paywall.

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