#AniTwitWatches Round 7: Rolling Girls 7 – 8


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Episode 7

  • Are we in (starts using an exaggerated voice) Naaaaaaaaaaaaaara…?
  • Chiaya really is a Disney Princess! Even in the onsen!
  • Huh? What’s with this change of heart?
  • …aw, Kyoto. Nara’s where the deer are though…Kyoto is a place of temples and tradition, such as the Gion Festival.
  • KISS parody, much…?
  • I’m fairly sure Kamogawa is the place in the Eccentric Family, although I haven’t watched it so I can’t be sure about it…A-ha! I was right!
  • I keep thinking of Fuji Rock Festival, but…that’s obviously near Mt Fuji…and I know a lot of the big electronic music festivals tour Tokyo and Osaka. So Google-sensei tells me this might be Kyoto Daisakusen they’re theming things around or alternatively Inazuma Rock Festival (from nearby Shiga).
  • Shuten Douji…no, not that onethis one…(I sunk 3 hours towards getting myself a new Jakurai SSR today (<-3/8/20) in [Hypnosis Mic] ARB…and I’m shouldn’t be so proud of that fact…so I don’t need F/GO to sink even more time into.)
  • Mt Oe…that;s associated with the legend of Shuten Douji, whaddaya know.
  • Google-sensei tells me Kyoto and Hiroshima both claim to be the birthplace of nikujaga. (Psst…I already knew – from Hypnosis Mic’s Riou, no less! – that the Japanese navy likes serving curry on Fridays.)
  • The translation doesn’t seem to be wrong, but it sort of implies the sentences have their starts and ends swapped around, which is a legitimate thing called a (sentence) inversion. Since the exclamations are in fragments, suggesting there is an inversion would be wrong…but I don’t know a better way to phrase what they’re saying that would remove that problem anyway…
  • …oh. Upon further inspection, I don’t really understand what the guy is saying, meaning the inversion is to point out he has an accent (Kyoto dialect). That works.
  • Their faces look similar…”
  • The first song on the CD is Hajimari no Uta (Starting Song). Stones is no. 3 on that disc, while no. 4 is called Late Night (Shin’ya) and no. 5 is Running Home Run…it’s hard to read the back of the disc due to Funimation’s hardsubs…
  • I love Ai’s expression on her passport.
  • Yatsuhashi! I love yatsuhashi! They’re sweet, but they’re nice.
  • Messenger seagull, LOL. (Kamome (seagull) in Kamogawa…? Well, kamo = duck…)
  • F chord is the easiest guitar chord, apparently. (I’m no guitarist, but that’s something I learnt from the festival arc of BnHA.)
  • Japanese plurals don’t take an S, so the plural of “evil Takumi” is…just that.

Episode 8

  • Had to go back to Rokuhoudou to confirm the name of this dessert…but I was right all along: matcha parfait. Makes sense for Matcha Green’s helpers.
  • You can see Momiyama, who’s not actually pulling that rickshaw-thingy…eh…actually, Momiyama is probably the missing Momiage Hammers vocalist, right…? Update: I did say something similar a few episodes ago (ep. 4, to be precise), actually…no spoilers for the outcome of this, though.
  • LOL, cold shoulder vs. tsundere…
  • Why is Shuten’s hand bandaged…? (Is that even a bandage on his hand?) Update: Seems to be a decorative cloth, kind of similar to a glove.
  • LOL, you can clearly see the Beatles’ logo in the background.
  • There’s clearly something supernatural about Chiaya…maybe she’s an alien or something…?
  • If you didn’t know, I went to Japan last year (2019, at the very tail end of the cherry blossom season)…I went to various places, including Kiyomizudera. It looks much better up close. (However, because I was on a tour, I didn’t get to see or buy all the things I wanted, come to think of it…)
  • …so that’s what those ejector seats are for, LOL.
  • LOL, user’s manual.
  • The mother almost looks as if she came out of Fugou Keiji…must be the slicked-back hair.
  • “This, in a sense, is a story about breaking free of the things that tie you to a certain place, although you may check in with said things every so often. Am I right?” – Quoting myself (from the ep. 3 – 4 post). I seem to be right.
  • The stones seem to be more important to the people they belong to than the gals who are looking for them (+ Momiyama). I guess it’s the journey that counts, not the destination…?
  • It’s NERV, but Kyoto style!
  • That blue flag with 誠 (sincerity) on it seems to be something about the Shinsengumi.
  • What happened to Shuten’s forehead…?
  • I thought I’d heard Shuten’s voice before…it was Katsuyuki Konishi.
  • LOL, I only just noticed there was bike coordination from Technical Garage Motorrad.
  • Fire is hard to animate, so…woot! Go, Shuten Douji!
  • Update: Come to think of it, they’ve done Kyoto and Nagoya, so…next is probably Osaka. If I wish hard enough, they might even get to Okinawa (LOL).
  • Update 2: I’ve found the OST for all you music lovers out there.

Random thought: Is it bad etiquette to keep linking to your own content? You might notice I wrote out a few spots where links should go because I realised I keep linking to the ep. 3 – 4 post. I get a bit excited when I see I have a bunch of pingbacks…but most of my own pingbacks are me referring to my previous words…

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