#AniTwitWatches Round 7: Rolling Girls 9

You can tell from my rambling in the notes below that I got pretty distracted this time…

Previous episodes

Episode 9

  • It’s not watermelon splitting without a watermelon, is it…?
  • Ah-HAH! Aliens! The real Chiaya has been held captive by aliens (or something like that)!
  • This shot of the torii gate! I recognise it! It’s one of my (hundreds of) backgrounds! I swore it was from One Piece! *brain explodes* Update: Now that I think about it, I never verified that this background was from One Piece. It must have been an incorrect assumption. Update 2: The gate is there because Itsukushima Shrine, the place with the iconic “floating” gate, is close to Hiroshima.
  • That seagull’s so…fluffy…
  • Lemme guess. Chiaya (or whatever that alien octopus thing we assume “Chiaya” is) can only turn into an alien octopus when sleeping. Update: According to “Chiaya” this episode, it’s when she’s not paying attention.
  • Kibi dango – (Google-)sensei says they’re a delicacy of Okayama prefecture…they sound nice, actually. I like dango. The dango song (from Clannad) is cute… *continues to ramble off the cuff about dango*
  • Birb. Round. Small. Cute…
  • LOL, that 70s look of shock horror. (…at least, I think it’s 70s. It’s old style shoujo for sure though.)
  • Visiturs (sic).
  • Battles Without Honour and Humanity. (Apparently set in Hiroshima and about yakuza.)
  • Just noticed there’s a little bow icon on Nozomi’s goggles.
  • Ooh, yakisoba! That would be good with mayo. Update: Oh yeah. I forgot Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki has noodles in it and it’s different to the more common Osaka-style one, so it’s not yakisoba after all…but yeah, I would still want mayo with it.
  • Octopus alien eating takoyaki…now there’s a…*thinks about Magu-chan (from the series Magu-chan: God of Destruction) eating takoyaki* Actually…scratch that. I have seen something similar.
  • “Core”…?
  • LOL, Momiyama talked right over the eyecatch.
  • Cale_dar (sic).
  • Apparently Okayama is well-known for peach growing.
  • D-Dachou?! (T/N: Dachou means “ostrich”.)
  • Is this what kids are like with remote learning? Rebellious? (partially kidding)
  • See, the spoilers said something about aliens, so I made my speculation about aliens. The problem was I wanted to forget what spoilers I saw, but I didn’t. (Kind of like what happened with The Perfect Insider – Wikipedia isn’t very kind like that.)
  • (Tw: Death…? Wild speculation) I had a weird idea…what if the real Chiaya…is dead? *dun DUN!*
  • Uh…Yukippe…landmark, right there…*points furiously at bright red torii gate*

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