#AniTwitWatches Round 7: Rolling Girls 10

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  • I-Is that…Haruka? (with swirly glasses)
  • Momo…peach, huh. Also, moonstone hairclips.
  • Google-sensei says Hiyoshicho is in Kyoto.
  • Mimasaka is in Okayama.
  • Tottori has sand dunes. (How do I know this? Detective Conan’s mangaka is from Tottori, so I did some research on his hometown.)
  • I would say this girl with the bamboo pole is proficient in the naginata…but I’ve never actually seen one in action, so I don’t know if I’m correct. Update: That girl is Kaguya.
  • (cont. from previous note) Hey…if that girl is Kaguya, she’s the bamboo-oh! The Tale of the Princess Kaguya! Makes sense. (Fun fact: Kaguya-sama’s characters are named after this bit of folklore, too.)
  • Momo is a callback to Momotarou – dog, pheasant (ostrich) and monkey (sloth). Update: Then she goes to the demon castle. Update 2: The sloth is kinda dressed like Sun Wukong (Son Goku), LOL…yes, the Dragon Ball character is named after the one in Saiyuki (not the anime series, just plain ol’ Saiyuki)…so that strengthens the connection further.
  • “Everyone just wants to live here normally.” – (Avatar: the Last Airbender narrator)…and then everything changed when the coronavirus attacked. (…Or something.)
  • I get the feeling “Ura Kukino” is a pun, but I’d need to see the kanji to know what it is. Update: So her name contains the character for “demon”.
  • One of the stores near Nozomi sells okonomiyaki. You might recognise those characters written on the awning of the Nayotake Bamboo place on the sign, in fact (the Funimation version is insistent about translating that awning, LOL).

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  1. I still need to do the watch so I haven’t actually read this yet. Preemptively liking and such while I’m in the reader, I can’t otherwise 😦 I hate how WordPress literally broke everything for me.


      1. It’s not your fault :/

        I’m lucky I can reply (when it works) via the notifications thing though. As to your writing, let me give a more proper reply.

        I’m glad you caught the Kaguya references and all that. I really enjoy how many little things the show has going on in that regard, and I think you seem to as well 🙂


      2. Hmm…if that Wikipedia page on Momotarou I checked up for Iniksbane and the page on the Tale of Princess Kaguya I linked in my post are any indication, we missed two crucial pieces of the puzzle – namely, “[t]here is now a popular notion that Momotarou is a local hero of Okayama Prefecture…” and Ishizukuri, Otomo and Kuramochi are the names of 3 of Kaguya’s suitors (so “Ishizukuri” does mean something, just not the thing I was thinking previously).

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