Ode to Anime Studios – Trigger

This is the 2nd studio from the order that was decided by the readers.

Trigger is a fairly young studio, having started in 2012 (Minto 2018), and are known for their staff, which are a pack which formed out of the vacuum left by Hideaki Anno at Gainax circa 2006 (Minto 2018). You might know some of the names at Trigger just by reputation, such as Hiroyuki Imaishi, Akira Amemiya and Shigeto Koyama (the latter of which I associate with Bones due to Star Driver, but you do you).

Their staff’s collective infamy is only matched by their ability to meet the demands of a wide variety of genres, although they are best known for their bombastic comedies and action scenes, and their love of mostly original series…Ninja Slayer and When Supernatural Battles Became Commonplace are probably their only notable adaptions, unless you count “unveiling a short thing and then turning into a full series” as an adaption, in which case you can put the likes of Gridman into those ranks too.

Between those factors (and Kim Kardashian’s endorsement), you can see why Darling in the Franxx blew up back in 2018, although oddly enough, taking a gander at the committee for Franxx reveals it’s an A-1 anime in that regard and not a Trigger one at all.

I admittedly don’t have much experience with the studio myself, having only finished Kiznaiver and Gridman by them. (To be honest though, a lot of the hyped studios and directors I’ve only been exposed to via the simulcast circuit, plus a lot of Trigger content falls victim to paywalls and licensing that falls outside my reach until much, much later than when the hype is around, which would explain why I only have those two.) Personally, I think the real stroke of genius was Trigger animating Trigger’s (the main rival idol group in Idolish7) music video for Crescent Rise, even if only because of the name pun, but since that’s most of what I can say about it, let’s talk Gridman. A lot of the studio’s hallmarks are present in this anime and then the CGI integration – which was a fairly new thing for the studio then – comes in to create an experience somewhere between a normal anime and a tokusatsu, which is extremely fitting for a series with roots in that type of series.

Once again, this studio was daunting to tackle, so I ended up writing this at the last minute (in this case, that means “on the Saturday before it was meant to go out”)…

Sidebar: After I finished this post, I learnt Trigger’s “birthday” is August 23rd...(Would this make the studio a Leo/Virgo cusp…?) Well, it’s a happy coincidence that this went up for Trigger’s birthday month.

I know there are a lot of Trigger fans out there, so sound off about your favourite Trigger works!


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