Hello Out There, Blogger Friendos! (Tag Post)

Thanks to Megan for the post which led to this one.

(Source: Megan’s post, linked above)

The Rules:

  • Put the Totally Awesome Tomodachi Award logo somewhere in your post!
  • Thank the person who nominated you or thank the person who won you a nomination!
  • Nominate up to four bloggers but DO NOT mention them by name.
  • Write about your four nominees, using subjective terms only… as if you were a friend describing them to another friend. DO NOT use factual hard descriptors. End the paragraph with They are my Tomodachi and put a link to one of their articles on that sentence.
  • Make assumptions about them, talk about your interaction or memories with them. Just create a fun little text that keeps your readers guessing who this is. Also talk about what they mean to you.
  • Your followers can play a game if they can recognize the blogger you are talking about, if they make a guess correctly… they can join the tag as well if they so choose. (Thank the person whose description you guessed.)
  • Readers are encouraged to comment their scores in the comments.

Note 1: The award asks you to use “tomodachi“, but I think unnecessarily using Japanese words is a slight towards the Japanese language (and a sign of peak weebiness, in the most negative sense possible), so I’ll just say “They are my friend” instead.

Note 2: I am aware of the pronouns of all 3 of these bloggers and you might be too – some bloggers are upfront about their pronouns and some are obvious as soon as you read their name – but I’ll use 3rd person “they” to deliberately obscure who they are.

Blogger 1

This blogger I’ve known for a while. They’re a bit snarky, but more self-deprecative than they realise. We don’t seem like we would get along due to how different our most widely-known preferences are, but we do in our interactions (for one, they prefer retro anime, I prefer anime from more modern years – the more I list, the more I give away…). We’re comfortable enough to yell at each other (via text channel – voice would be a bit much, although we did interact in a vocal capacity a grand total of once, thanks to my general reluctance to interact on voice channels) in weekly sessions.

They are my friend.

Blogger 2

In contrast, this blogger I only got to know better recently, due to a certain graphic design workshop. They seem to know a bit about everything and they’re quite bubbly (despite the fact in a blogging capacity, they’re quite terse in comparison to most other bloggers), so I’m sure people who know them in real life would enjoy having them around.

If I were to hazard a guess, they did a language or other social science major at university…? (Please tell me if I’m wrong, but don’t leave your answer in the comments section in case that ruins anyone else’s guessing game.)

They are my friend.

Blogger 3

This blogger easily knows how to break the ice with something random. (Reading their Discord comments out of context is…quite the experience.) They’re constantly giving nicknames to everyone, but I don’t think it’s necessary for me, really (a past attempt from a different blogger to give me a nickname, back when I was only going by “MagicConan14”, ended in failure because all the options could be misconstrued to mean something else). They’re also very knowledgeable about the whole coding/blogging thing.

I apologise for maybe being a bit too direct when asking what your pronouns were…

They are my friend.

I kind of struggled with the second one because that one was the one which I had the least experience to go off. Hopefully I didn’t accidentally offend anyone (I did with a Twitter tag one time and I still worry about that when I think about it)…and happy guessing, everyone!

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