Ode to Anime Studios – NAZ

To be honest, I kept putting this studio off for this post series because I don’t have much information to go off…

This is one of those instances where the studio is known under several names – the company website doesn’t refer to itself as “NAZ”, but rather “Anima & Company” (even in the URL, any attempts to go to naz.co.jp only end in going to animaand.co instead) and the full name of the former appears to be “Mitaka NAZ Studio”. Nonetheless, NAZ is a fairly new studio, established by how recent some of their works are – their most recent as of this post is ID: INVADED, which was only about a half year ago despite COVID-19 making it feel like forever – and how even their Twitter (under the name “NAZ Studio”) was only made in 2016. Just to further drive the point home, the first item listed on the works part of their website, which is some “cooperation” role on an obscure thing called (Zettai) Reiiki, is from 2015. (It’s so obscure even AniList hasn’t got it…whatever “it” is. The site doesn’t list whether Reiiki was an OVA, TV anime, ad (CM/PV) or whatever.) Notably, a lot of the work listed on Anime News Network is in-between animation, but they also do 3D CGI and a bunch of other things, which would explain why they don’t have that many full-length TV anime (or TV shorts or movies…) – they are at work, just not always where you’d expect them to be, i.e. at the forefront of the animation production process.

Sidebar: It took me a bit of browsing Japanese Twitters to learn “CM” stands for “commercial” and “PV” stands for “promotional video”, in case that’s not entirely obvious.

NAZ is certainly not known for the best animation quality – not by a long shot, for sure – but they always churn out interesting works. ID: INVADED and Angolmois I have soft spots for because they’re so distinctive, even if that same nature brought them down. As an anime original, the former has less expectations for it to be sound in its plot, but Angolmois was an adaption with a filter on it, for better or for worse (most people I’ve read the opinions of would say “worse”, sadly enough, and I do agree, but this is not the place to be badmouthing such things). Strangely, you can’t find ID: INVADED on the works page of the NAZ website as I type this post in September of 2020 even though you can find it covering their Twitter for as far as the eye can see (and as far as the finger can scroll, I guess), but it might be there someday in the future…


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