#TheJCS for October 2020, Now Recruiting

Hear ye, hear ye! Gather ’round, because it’s time for a quest…(or something like that, anyway.)

Let’s set the scene with some fantasy imagery. (Image source: Merc Storia Wiki)

The world of Social Media was in strife. There was a great beast with an indescribable form, known as the Showcase! The king whose lands JSReviews were ravaged by the Showcase was distraught, having dealt with it for almost three years now, but he managed to negotiate with the beast.

…So it turns out the beast can be defeated, but only if these criteria are met:

  • Submissions (attacks) can be of any type, including fanart, blog posts, graphics and videos, and can be on any topic. If you need more details, check the quest specifics from Jon Spencer, the king of the showcase.
  • Submissions must be content from September 2020. Ideally, it should be content you’re proud of and there is no pressure if you haven’t got anything to submit. Any exceptions should be agreed on by the guild leader (that’s me, the pseudonymous Aria) and, if necessary, the king.
  • 18+ content is okay, but no porn, and no endorsement of illegal activities or hate speech.
  • Content should preferably be in English and be comprehensible.
  • Collaborations should have the consent of both you and your collaborator/s prior to submission. Otherwise, the content must be yours and should be respectful to others – if you don’t know if it fits, submit anyway and I will check it.
  • By submitting art directly through one of these methods, you acknowledge I have the ability to repost. With credit, of course.
  • You have from October 1st (that’s the day I’m announcing on) until October 28th at 9 am (all times GMT +10 or +11, depending on whether daylight saving has occurred). For those unfamiliar with my schedule, I put out a post every Wednesday at 9 am my time tagged with the category “weekly Wednesday”, so once you can count 4 posts after this one with that category, your time is up. That’s not a strict deadline, as I will check for any stragglers up until the time of posting the final results, but ideally you should submit during the month of October.
  • Submissions are either taken via this post’s comment section, the Twitter thread below or via Twitter message ([at] MagicConan14there seems to be something which links your Gravatar when you [at] something in WordPress now). Submissions taken via Twitter should use the hashtag #TheJCS and should tag 3 users to spread the news. If you are starting a new Twitter thread to submit, the rules are the same except you should tag in [at] MagicConan14 as well.

…Let’s go and together, we shall slay this beast!

(…and yes, you don’t have to go all in with the fantasy theme. That’s just me trying something new.)

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