Fall 2020 First Impressions: A Feast of Fall Fantasy Anime

…yes, I just had to make the alliteration happen.

Wandering Witch finally dropped, so here’s the new list:

  • Higurashi
  • HypMic
  • 100-man
  • Tonikawa
  • Majo no Tabitabi
  • Yashahime
  • Munou na Nana
  • Grace of the Gods
  • Maou-jou
  • IWGP
  • Crusade (there was half an episode dropped in advance, so I have impressions for that too)
  • Akudama
  • Jujutsu Kaisen
  • Kamisama
  • Taiso
  • Moriarty
  • Golden Kamuy 3
  • Noblesse
  • Magatsu

The subscription I mentioned in this round-up post means I now get to watch Funimation-licensed anime the day they drop, but Crunchyroll is more expensive per month to my knowledge and so isn’t worth the money just yet. All of these anime are on Funimation and its affiliates except Yashahime, which is also available on Crunchyroll.

Wandering Witch

Since we’ve become so accustomed to complaining about isekais, I don’t think I’ve seen an anime like this on the seasonal circuit since Grimoire of Zero (which was decent, but didn’t quite go anywhere with its themes of kind-of-racism). This episode was mostly set up, but it’s exactly like I was looking for from it, which isn’t a bad thing. Actually, it’s the opposite.

The visuals were really good. I wasn’t expecting a fight scene in the first episode, but there was one and it did use some CGI, but it was barely noticeable.


  • This anime was delayed slightly, so I don’t know what day it’ll show up weekly. I’ll assume Saturdays in my region (the original date) until proven wrong.
  • …“This reminds me of Kiki’s Delivery Service,” I sigh happily, as I almost imagine the person who comes to the door of this place Elaina knocked on closing the door on her. Then…that actually happens and my heart sinks a little…
  • Is this the whole “wax on, wax off” approach?
  • This reeks of gaman.
  • I think the writing system in this is based on katakana. I can tell (or guess?) because there are 4 symbols at the end and “Elaina” has 4 symbols in katakana.
  • I thought Fran was the Stardust Witch because her hat was full of stars.
  • Elaina’s parents have had a year to think over these rules…no wonder they’re so thought-out.




“Surprise!” yelled fall 2020 at me (metaphorically). “Your past is here to haunt you!”

For those who don’t know, Inuyasha is one of my first manga. If my library records don’t have some weird shenanigans (because most manga is listed as teen manga/graphic novels at my local library, but the Pokemon manga is listed as going on the children’s shelf which makes it a pain to check for), Detective Conan was my first and Inuyasha was my second. I distinctly remember I didn’t start from the start with it (if the records don’t lie, I started with volume 3), but I don’t remember finishing it before it left the shelves for a different library/some owner’s place either.

So naturally, after reading around a bit, I summoned enough courage to check it out and while I did get a surprise or two, nothing really changes in the world of Rumiko Takahashi after the setting stuff is over…until they started properly setting up the new generation in the last few minutes, that is.

Notes (obviously, there may be spoilers for Inuyasha involved):

  • Higurashi, hmm? Kagome’s child. I honestly thought Towa was a dude, though.
  • …wait…is that Granrodeo [doing the OP]…? Update: Nope. It’s SixTONES, from Fugou Keiji.
  • This OP reminds me so much of Detective Conan, I can’t even…
  • Kikyo, eh? *raises eyebrows*
  • It’s literally like these guys never changed. Kinda like CCS…but I was wondering how Miroku would fight without that black hole in his hand…
  • Oh…don’t go reminding me about that whole “Tetsusaiga” deal again…I had a hard time getting my head around that. (Turns out a small tsu can even stump translators.)
  • Shippo means “tail”, which is probably why they’re attacking Shippo by the…uh, tail.
  • Reading the review that led me to watching this, apparently Sakura (from Naruto) got benched when she became a mother in Boruto, but I’m glad Sango didn’t.
  • …oh. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Inuyasha does the Naruto run. That means we diss Naruto for problems that were already rife in anime way back when I was a fledging manga fan…
  • This looks so much like a magical girl fight, I can’t even…
  • Well, that was a nice trip down Memory Lane. I didn’t remember the end of Inuyasha aside from “the gang defeated Naraku” so there’s bound to be more surprises in store, but otherwise it seems to be a solid pick.



Munou na Nana

It’s a superpower anime…until it throws a wrench into things with the bait-and-switch of protagonists. It turns out while that is a good hook, the anime still hasn’t quite got enough subtlety for me to give it a better mark than “a bit above average, or just average” because it relies on the indication of red eyes to point out Nana is obviously evil to some degree.

Notes (obviously, will spoil the twist):

  • I remember seeing spoilers for a twist at the end…let’s hope I don’t anticipate it. That would kill the entire anime for me.
  • The message actually says something about how the island is a nest for enemies of humanity.
  • There’s the ice narcissist I saw in the promo stuff, right on cue. I’ve never heard of his voice actor Hiromichi Tezuka before, although he does sound like Hiroshi Kamiya or someone much better.
  • Why do I get the feeling once the title character arrives, even Nanao will get powers…? Or maybe Nana is the catalyst for Nanao’s powers awakening or something? (Just realised having a Nana and a Nanao together in the same anime is confusing…) Update: If Nanao dies, then that was a foreshadowing flag that there can’t be two protagonists with similar names in the one series…If he doesn’t, then we’re going to need to be careful going forward.
  • Subbers spelt “noblesse oblige” wrong, unless it was deliberately done as such.
  • I predicted the “duke it out” line.
  • There’s a menu on the wall of the restaurant.
  • Technically, shouldn’t ice be weak against fire…? Or am I too used to the Pokemon system?
  • …wow, I heard rumours that the main character was going to die, but I’d pegged Nana to die, not Nanao.
  • Onodera is clearly important…maybe he was the one with the wind powers? Or was Nana lying about that?
  • …dude, the red eyes are kinda obvious that Nana is evil in some way, or at least really devious.



By the Grace of the Gods

Umm…I genuinely don’t know what to think about this one.

It’s mostly set-up, but the way Ryoma died is a bit outlandish (pointed out by him) but so is the fact he seems to know about current anime and light novel trends, despite supposedly not really having time for them due to his job (unless he has a twisted idea of what the tropes are like, due to committing to his hobbies instead of sleeping, watching at x2 speed or something…and it ends up something like Seiya from Shinchou Yuusha, that would be a quality story for sure).

Why is it so significant that Ryoma starts out as a 38 year old, anyway? Is it meant to make him “more relatable” (whatever that means) to adult audiences while they have a child/early teen protagonist?

…I only need 4 shows this time (because Idolish7 is coming back) so I’ll need to be harsh on this, but I suspect some people will absolutely question the heck out of it like I did and some people just fell asleep to it (because this was recommended as a sleep aid in the Anime News Network fall guide).


  • …I am not, I repeat NOT, on board for a harem centred around an 11 year old!
  • Ryoma speaks with an unnatural amount of starts and stops, hence the caveman speak.
  • Why would you even need to know 4 high-level skills? Isn’t it better to know all of them?
  • I noticed the gods have senbei (the rice crackers with the seaweed). Western-looking gods probably shouldn’t have senbei, unless…they did that to make Ryoma feel more at home?
  • Slimes don’t have paws…or hands or other appendages…to give…
  • …Am I meant to think the slimes are cute? Am I meant to think the catgirls/animal girls are cute? The answer to those questions is “no”, so…eh.




There’s a lot of anime that haven’t shown their true colours in one episode this season, so I’m trying to be careful with what I drop. The only anime where I can say the entire gimmick has been revealed are Yashahime and HypMic – even then, that was from content from prior to the anime and both had very set-up-heavy episodes…


  • HypMic (1 ep)
  • Maou-jou (1 ep, see next impressions post for it)
  • Yashahime (1 ep)
  • Wandering Witch (1 ep)
  • Higurashi (1 ep, may move down if it continues to be too much of a slow burn/tries to grab at a nostalgia I don’t have)
  • Munou na Nana (1 ep)


  • 100-man (1 ep)


  • Grace of the Gods (1 ep, I was threatening this with a “drop if it continues to be eh”, but then unconsciously hit drop on AniList anyway, so this may require re-evaluation)
  • Tonikawa (1 ep)

So, how’s your fall season so far? (For a refresher on what I’m excited for, check this post.)

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