Fall 2020 First Impressions: The Final Load

HigurashiHypMic100-manTonikawaMajo no TabitabiYashahimeMunou na NanaGrace of the GodsMaou-jouIWGPCrusade (there was half an episode dropped in advance, but I waited until the full episode was released to put impressions here)AkudamaJujutsu KaisenKamisamaTaisoMoriartyGolden Kamuy 3Magatsu You'll notice some anime are pushed back a week like I've done previously, but most aren't. The subscription I mentioned in this round-up... Continue Reading →

My Stand on Anime and Manga Controversies

Admittedly, I am just using a framework from various bloggers, including Joe, for this post (several of the links are dead though, which is why I didn't link each blogger individually), but...these problem are evergreen, are they not? This is just a set of opinions, like most things on here...but obvious disclaimer is obvious. Anime... Continue Reading →

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