#TheJCS: Fantasy Quest Edition (For Oct. 2020)

The world of Social Media was in strife. There was a great beast with an indescribable form, known as the Showcase! The king whose lands JSReviews were ravaged by the Showcase was distraught, having dealt with it for almost three years now, but he managed to negotiate with the beast.

Now, the beast has been slain after the guild community attacked 26 times. Behold, the community’s efforts!


And the Girls Keep on Rolling, a Character Study for The Rolling Girls – Jon Spencer

The king offered up his own method of attacking the beast, related to his own #AniTwitWatches project.

On a weird note, I was reading the short rundown of the series at the start of the post and I almost thought it resembled a gender-bent Hypnosis Mic…aye, how twisted my mind is.

Princess Principal: “Not” British Spy Adventures – Scott

Princess Principal is one of those anime where I went in with basically no other choice in a sparse season and came away from it happier than I thought I would be. Definitely agree with how the less flashy episodes are the better ones by far.

Fruits Basket Season 2 Episode 24 Review – Terrance Crow (Crow’s World of Anime)

The translation note made me want to go watch the episode for myself (since I’m very behind on season 2 of Fruits Basket as I type this)…and that’s a good sign!

Houkago Teibou Nisshi: Finale Review and Whole Series Recommendation – Infinite Zenith (Infinite Mirai)

A very thorough post as always from Zenith, this one detailing how to catch fish as seen through the anime Houkago Teibou Nisshi (Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater).

[Highlights] Kino’s Journey Ep. 1 (Land of Visible Pain) – Moya

Moya’s celebration of 300 followers led to this watchalong of Kino’s Journey. Check it out and you, too, might have a new favourite series on your hands.

This post is the start of a series of posts, so be sure to check out the others if you’ve watched the anime.

Kumagawa Misogi: Perfectly Imperfect | Medaka Box by Galvanic Media (submitted by Voyager)

A good villain is compelling in their own right and to the twins of Bulletoon, that’s what Kumagawa is. Be careful of the spoilers you’ll need to get past if you want to learn why that is though…

Beastars Anime Review – I Now Understand the Hype – Will Sirius

Beastars is one of those anime that, despite its slightly questionable premise, has a lot of praise. Sirius gets it.

(The synopsis included in this post, however, was white on white…was this to hide spoilers, perhaps?)

3 Music Anime to Explore while Quarantined – Lizzo (Soulcial Dreamin’ Ent.)

Carole & Tuesday is pretty good from what I’ve seen of it. I was a pretty latecomer to Nana, but it definitely has an adult edge you don’t expect from shoujo.

Two Years of Shallow Dives in Anime: Chivalry of a Failed Knight – Dewbond

For Dewbond’s fanbase, Chivalry of a Failed Knight means something (read: Dewbond’s issues with the series). So here, he visits the series in search of a way to putting those issues to rest…

Astra: Lost in Space Review – Chris Joynson (Never Argue with a Fish)

Astra‘s one of my personal favourites, even though its anime with the long starting and ending episodes only aired last year. That’s why singing its praises to the masses helps spread the awareness of how good it is.

Uzaki-chan Wants to Help and Hang Out – The Cajun Samurai

Uzaki Wants to Hang Out is a problematic series because of its title character – she’s loud and has no sense of personal space. (Also, there was this one collaboration with the Red Cross which…was quite controversial in the English-speaking fandom…) This newcomer to the JCS takes a look at whether Uzaki’s really all that bad.

Coppelion – Crying Through the Apocalypse – K (…?)

A new challenger approaches…with the GoHands work nobody really remembers, Coppelion. (Okay, I kid.)

For the record, this was a special arrangement okayed by the king and myself. K actually hasn’t watched Coppelion.

Other Animation

My Favourite Episode of Gravity Falls – LiteratureFuckBoi

Gravity Falls is something I’ve heard about but not watched. Nonetheless, this episode seems pretty good, just from the praise the post author gives it.

Manga, Books and Webtoons

Why is Magu-chan: God of Destruction so darn cute? – Nabe-chan

Magu is a hilarious god of destruction in a hilarious series. There’s a huge discrepancy between how he tries to act as a god and how harmless he really is and that’s just cute.

“Show, don’t tell” may be a writer’s adage, but Nabe uses it to great effect…and now that makes me, responsible guild leader I may be, want to read the latest chapter. Hold on a second while I do that…

Webtoon Recommendation – My Little Sister Picked up the Male Lead – Minty (Black and Yellow Otaku Gamers)

This post is mostly just the blogger yelling about the overt female gaze, but even with the context provided, it’s a pretty funny post in its own right.

I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die vol. 1 Review – Steph (Two Happy Cats)

A horrifying manga which, despite written outside of Halloween season, fits right in with the mood. Steph’s neutral perspective as a reviewer means you can decide whether you want to pick the volume up for yourself.

5 Underrated Shojo Manga – Alyssa (Al’s Manga Blog)

Some people are unaware anime have manga they’re adapted from and vice versa, or that their favourite mangaka has works aside from their most popular ones (such as there being a non-Fruits Basket work Natsuki Takaya did after that series, called Twinkle Stars). Peruse this list and maybe you’ll find something for your next spot of downtime.

Autumn Reading List 2020 – Megan (Nerd Rambles)

Some spooky books, just in time for Halloween.

Blogging and the Community

Happy 6th anniversary, Takuto’s Anime Cafe!

Takuto, he of the cafe, celebrates a milestone. Congrats Taku, and may you keep blogging for as long as you can.

I Created a Blogger Award! – YumDeku (MyAnime2Go)

Self-explanatory. If you ever see this award going around, give it a shot.

The Blogger Recognition Award 2 – Lynn Sheridan

It’s pretty impressive to get enough time to write up a second blog award, considering these blog awards are time-consuming as it stands. Congrats to Lynn for getting the award.


Batman The Telltale Series: Shadows Edition – MattInTheHat

This is one of those sandbox games, except you control one of the most popular crime fighters of all time. Being able to take routes that ask “what if?” are great if they’re entirely accounted for by the dev team – that’s the brilliance of games or other media that provide new insights into well-trodden ground.

There seem to be some contradictory points between one game and the next. However, it is recommended in the end, so it’s probably good for a change-up from the whole beat ’em up thing.

5 Virgo Otome Guys – Naja (Blerdy Otome)

It was prime Virgo season in September and so Naja got to share her love of otome guys with Virgo birthdays.

That Time I Helped Out With AnimEVO – Frostilyte

Frostilyte is a newcomer to the JCS quest and it’s random offshoot topics like this that make the JCS worth watching out for – AnimEVO is a gaming event, focussed on anime-style fighting games such as Super Smash Bros, and Frostilyte got a gig commenting on it all. Although Frostilyte focusses on a specific game called Fantasy Strike, it’s not actually a post that feels alienating – in fact, it’s quite insightful as to what goes on behind a convention like this.

My Top 10 Ways to Cope with the Pandemic – Meg

After many a false alarm, the world is finally starting to see a semblance of normality again. Nonetheless, we’ll now be prepared if we get another wave, I guess.

To cap things off, here’s fanart from ThatRandomEditor. It’s anime fanart, but that section’s far too long as it is…(and for some reason, the embed only seems to come up as part of a chain…?).

…and with that, the beast was defeated! Thanks to everyone who participated – you’ve now gained the reward of + infinity Extra Publicity from being featured here. (I wanted to go even further with the fantasy theme than I actually did, but as you can kind of tell, time betrayed me even though I started early on the post.)

The next guild master to take over from me is Crimson, who you can communicate with here and here. Please look forward to what they do as well.

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