Ode to Anime Studios – Lidenfilms

Another day, another anime studio based in Suginami… Lidenfilms was founded in the February of 2012. Although their romaji name is plural, the katakana give its name in the singular…which is a bit weird. On top of that, if the katakana is anything to go by, it’s pronounced “Raidenfilm”…meaning I’ve been pronouncing it wrong (i.e.... Continue Reading →

A Guide to Anime Social Media

You can get all sorts of new sides to both the fandom and the anime if you interact with the official social media, such as seeing exclusive illustrations for merchandise before it comes out. Note of advance warning: Since this is originally Japanese entertainment we're talking about, you might need knowledge of Japanese to navigate... Continue Reading →

#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10 – Kanon 4 – 6

  Previous post in this round here. Impressions Kanon 4 These random narration scenes are meant to be ethereal, but…if it’s just narration over snowy scenes, it can get boring after a while.Why does small!Yuichi remind me of…Syaoran from CCS…?Did Ayu become addicted to taiyaki like this…? (LOL, wut.)If Kanon got done over again, like... Continue Reading →

Blogiversary Time Again!

Part 1 of the saga here and part 2 here. Once again, it was that time of the year where Aria became introspective about blog stats the yearly record within the spellbook. (Admittedly, this time she'd almost forgotten about the blogiversary when the past few times were a big deal - the biggest priorities, from... Continue Reading →

#Controversed Week 3

I have...lots of thoughts on one of this week's prompts. Previous weeks Week 1Week 2 Check out this Stack Exchange post: Why isn’t anime critically analyzed like other forms of literature or entertainment? Do you agree with this observation? What are some of your thoughts? I have to disagree with the Stack Exchange post. Hugely. See, I've... Continue Reading →

#Controversed Week 2

See Moya's list of prompts here and week 1 here. I'm not doing all the prompts this time. This post is rather large, even without addressing all the prompts... Nobody is (or should be) objective, but how biased do you think you are? What are some biases in your writing, and how do you try... Continue Reading →

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