Ode to Anime Studios – Lidenfilms

Another day, another anime studio based in Suginami…

Lidenfilms was founded in the February of 2012. Although their romaji name is plural, the katakana give its name in the singular…which is a bit weird. On top of that, if the katakana is anything to go by, it’s pronounced “Raidenfilm”…meaning I’ve been pronouncing it wrong (i.e. with a short I) all this time. As stated above the cut, they’re based in Suginami.

They’re part of the Ultra Super Pictures group, which consists of Trigger, Ordet, Sanzigen and them, although the joint company (USP) was first founded without Lidenfilms due to being founded in 2011 (Anime News Network n.d.).

Although they have a variety of series, they notably have handled several ecchi titles like Killing Bites and their works are mostly adaptions of existing property (although the latter is no surprise, really…). Their newest anime as of this post is the movie Dounika Naru Hibi/Happy-Go-Lucky Days, based on a manga by Takako Shimura (they of Wandering Son fame), which started its theatre run last month.

You may remember me mentioning Phantom in the Twilight a year or so back and that’s the anime I’ll put a spotlight on here. Certainly, the animation isn’t the best effort and the plot seems to get lost somewhere at the end, but Phantom in the Twilight introduced me to the Chinese version of the reverse harem series (possibly joseimuke romance series which just happen to look like reverse harems – the difference is they only have one main couple and a bunch of potential other “suitors” who don’t get romanced in the end or sometimes they don’t even write in much romance, full stop), which has much more proactive heroines and so I relate to them more. (Currently, there’s only Koi to Producer and Phantom in the Twilight that I know of in that vein, plus Code: Realise heavily follows that pattern, though I could always do with some more…)

What’s your favourite Lidenfilms anime?


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