#AniTwitWatches Rd. 10: Kanon 7 – 8

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Episode 7
  • Wah…I haven’t seen that Funimation logo in a while…(probably because I skip it a lot…?)
  • I listened to the dub for a bit and Makoto’s English VA sounded lower thn her Japanese VA. It was interesting to compare.
  • Apparently “fuga” = fugue, which is a term I’m a bit more familiar with.
  • “…try some of that.” – *suddenly yells* Not the jam! NOT THE JAM!!!
  • I’m not sure if this is meant to be a secret, but while checking up Kaori Misaka…turns out Shiori is Kaori’s sister(Update: So it was meant to be a secret…it’s in white text now so you can unspoiler it if you can highlight it.)
  • We can now add “3rd wheel” to the list of titles for “Major Fail” Kitagawa.
  • I wonder what the lettuce (?) wrapped things in the onigiri box are…more onigiri? Dango?
  • …I have to admit, sleeping late isn’t good for you. I suspect the headaches I’ve been getting lately, which have been knocking me out at least once a week just when I hope to watch Kanon for #ATW, are caused by lack of sleep and/or water, plus I suspect my blocked ear is from when I tried to see how long I could stay up and how long my phone battery could last (ended up sleeping at 4 am). Please stay hydrated and sleep well, people.
  • *Makoto goes “bleah!”* – That reminds me of a “same energy” tweet…in fact, why not I do just that? Update: *Spongebob narration* One tweet later…
  • So the “auu” is a subconscious thing…? (I wonder if “uguu” is a subconscious thing too?)
  • *Makoto drops the cat* – Kitty, nooooooooo!
  • Since this is a drama, I was expecting Yuichi to slap Makoto…
  • There comes a time in several VNs (otome or otherwise) where you realise you don’t really know anything about the love interest and you have to go learn about them somehow…Obviously the point in time differs by character and VN, but Kanon just ticked that checkbox off.
  • “…girl wearing a curtain…” – I like how Yuichi specifically used that description for Makoto.
  • What’s with the green light? If there were actually lights, sure, and I get it’s easier to see with it, but…the green light doesn’t seem to have a proper source. Maybe it’s to replicate the CGs from the game…? Is it meant to look romantic? *scratches head* (If it’s meant to look romantic..it actually makes Makoto look a bit creepy, what with the bug eyes.)
  • …geesh, I don’t think I noticed it until now, but Makoto has some seriously long hair when it’s down…
Episode 8
  • “Neko-o Nekotsuka”/ “Siam-o Siamtsuka” – Possibly a reference to Fujio Akatsuka, creator of Osomatsu-kun.
  • nikuman (pork bun)” – You could argue you’re still naming the cat after a person with that name…because of the “man” (signifying both a “man” and “manju”).
  • Pirozhki...I learnt about that through Yuri on Ice.
  • *Yuichi sparkles* – LOL, I like that take on bishie sparkle. Gimme a GIF of that!
  • I’m wondering…won’t Piro get cold like that, on Makoto’s head…?
  • The problem with harems is that at least two members are normally childhood friends. I’m a sucker for it in reverse harems because I had a mixed childhood friend group, but in standard harems…it gets kinda eh. I get the feeling everyone in this harem knew each other as kids, with the connecting thread being Yuichi (as one does for harems).
  • …oh no. (partially sarcastic) It’s a shrinking plot!
  • For some reason, the grass rippling due to the wind…reminds me of that one Windows wallpaper with the hills. (It looks nice though.)
  • Kuri = chestnut, uni = sea urchin. Not sure if that’s a pun.
  • The tram had an ad for ice-cream…I was still thinking about kuri and uni, so when I saw kumori (cloudy) on the tram, my brain went “Oh!” by accident.
  • “YOTOTA” (on the magazine), LOL.
  • “What’s so fun about reading manga together?” – *visibly droops* Groupreads are fun, though…
  • Oh, this is like how Iruma reads shoujo manga to Amelie (in Mairimashita, Iruma-kun!).
  • LOL, that’s such a 70s style…
  • Matsu to Ume Comics (Pine and Plum, clearly a pun on Hana to Yume/Flowers and Dreams).
  • This being a harem…I can’t help thinking when Yuichi and Makoto get married (in Makoto’s route, if they do), then they’ll look back on her comments.
  • …Welp, Piro was lucky Makoto didn’t squeeze them (<- gender-neutral since we don’t know what gender the cat is) to death.
  • “Makopee” – …it might just be the way I’m used to because…*sniggers*…but normally it would be written “Makopi”, right? “Makopee” makes it seem like Yuichi is still insulting Makoto, even passive-aggressively, rather than using the nickname as a sign of affection.
  • …huh? Is “Makoto” a kitsune or something, doing a fox version of the Crane’s Favour?
  • Why does Amano speak so much like Mai? (Sure, I don’t have much of a voice reference since I’ve been watching on mute, but the two are framed in similar ways, to the point where if you changed their hair styles and colours, I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference…)

…welp, things are starting to look interesting at this point, although I don’t think this anime is ever going to win back my favour fully.

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  1. I remember freaking out when Makoto dropped the cat off of the overpass the first time I watched this series. It was so shocking, but I think that was the moment that I got fully invested in the show. I wasn’t thinking of it as just some humdrum harem anime after that.

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  2. “I’m not sure if this is meant to be a secet, but while checking up Kaori Misaka…turns out Shiori is Kaori’s sister.”

    Uh, that’s kind of a big spoiler. It’s a whole arc. Well, a bulk of the show really.

    “*Yuichi sparkles* – LOL, I like that take on bishie sparkle. Gimme a GIF of that!”

    Yeah that was pretty funny lol.

    Too all your harem comments, Kanon, is again, NOT A HAREM show. It’s not one, you guys saying it every week won’t magically make it true. It doesn’t meet the criteria for being one, and future insight me also knows that a bulk of the girls aren’t interested in the MC romantically at all, nor is he in them.


    1. …Okay, spoiler covered up.

      I don’t believe you’ve said it previously (at least, not on anything I’ve read re: #ATW, to my memory) and the 70% on the harem tag (as of time of checking) on AniList’s Kanon (2006) entry would like to disagree with you…So is the key component for the creation of a harem romantic interest? (It at least seems like it’s going that way for Makoto right now, at least to some degree.)

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      1. Oh, I might have mixed up these characters with another. I’d have to check but better safe than sorry.

        Yeah I’ve said it on Twitter a bunch of times. While you can argue it has harem elements (the cast is largely female with a male lead), a pretty decent majority of folks who have seen the show are gonna tell you it’s not a harem anime. I’d say that yes, some romantic interest is required in a traditional harem show. Kanon has characters interested in the lead but you’ll see how that’s different.

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